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General Discussion / Re: Font Name?
« on September 18th, 2017, 04:07 PM »
the beta tester or "gta font" is pricedown
idk the other one :v
General Discussion / [HOW] Re: How to use SDK
« on July 24th, 2017, 11:25 PM »
Quote from longhackmc on July 24th, 2017, 03:45 PM
How to compile it, please if there is tutorial. Tks
Download Visual Studio
Open VCMP.vcxproj press on build, then go to debug file and get the dll
(click to show/hide)
That better than being rude :D , you know
Clans and Families / Re: VU - Vice Underdogs
« on July 7th, 2017, 10:15 PM »
Quote from KAKAN on July 7th, 2017, 01:32 PM
Quote from AliHassan99 on July 6th, 2017, 07:08 PM
I wanna join your gang
[VU]AliHassan09, yes!!
savage kakan :v
Clans and Families / Re: SdS - The Seven Deadly Sins
« on July 2nd, 2017, 01:19 PM »
good luck but make the trainee in some dark yellow color because i cant see them lol :v
Snippet Showroom / Re:....
« on June 30th, 2017, 04:12 AM »
why all deal with him as an idiot because he cant speak english -_-?
I think that is the time to support Multi-Languages Support Boards @Stormeus @Maxorator
General Discussion / Re: Vote for the best server of VCMP
« on June 25th, 2017, 08:36 AM »
Quote from NicusorN5 on June 25th, 2017, 08:21 AM
Sad, because there are better servers in terms of gameplay.
me too , but releasing it about the terms of gameplay or unique of script and so on , will be hard because everyone has his taste :(
General Discussion / Re: Vote for the best server of VCMP
« on June 25th, 2017, 03:45 AM »
The Vote Closed
And The Best Server of the year is : Extreme Addicts
The 2nd: VK's Official Server
The 3nd: European City
And the servers that we wish good luck for them next time: Littlewhitey, MK | Capture the flag! :D
Support / Re: No Cars in the server
« on June 24th, 2017, 06:41 AM »
Quote from Xmair on June 24th, 2017, 06:07 AM
Why are you loading the Squirrel plugin if you're already loading the Java plugin?
oh sorry i just wrote all my plugins that i have , but i use squrriel plugin
Support / Re: No Cars in the server
« on June 23rd, 2017, 10:54 PM »
Quote from Thijn on June 23rd, 2017, 10:21 PM
Where did you put those and what plugins did you load?
in server.conf
and plugins are
Support / No Cars in the server
« on June 23rd, 2017, 09:54 PM »
i used the blank server and i use the new plugins and everything is good :v
no errors , bugs or hosting problems
and the console is working proberly to even one wrong
that is cars pos :v
Code: [Select]
<Vehicle model="191" x="338.6310" y="-237.6571" z="29.1708" angle="98.9897" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="149.2859" y="-1149.9199" z="31.3094" angle="239.5351" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="323.4258" y="-278.1154" z="35.4035" angle="5.3742" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-542.1738" y="792.2469" z="97.0344" angle="336.3952" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1186.4758" y="76.4269" z="10.6504" angle="52.8653" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="101.3112" y="-1472.5735" z="9.9521" angle="275.9432" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-676.05" y="749.44" z="10.90" angle="243.1996" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="97.7001" y="-1475.9623" z="9.9563" angle="173.3619" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="91.2412" y="242.9259" z="21.4487" angle="127.1787" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="216" x="-1009.4338" y="186.8296" z="11.3937" angle="351.5172" col1="6" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="216" x="-994.8803" y="193.2692" z="11.4204" angle="76.9205" col1="6" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="130" x="-598.1232" y="622.5588" z="11.7840" angle="91.9153" col1="18" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-631.2451" y="-1456.9464" z="5.8690" angle="335.9804" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-624.0446" y="-1459.0283" z="5.8552" angle="314.2722" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-616.4828" y="651.4387" z="10.5640" angle="348.6626" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-611.2023" y="651.9318" z="10.5676" angle="333.8794" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-605.1564" y="652.4683" z="10.5843" angle="339.8292" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-587.9245" y="654.5039" z="10.6044" angle="336.7441" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-582.4528" y="655.5148" z="10.5830" angle="327.5977" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-577.7695" y="650.5206" z="10.5597" angle="12.5459" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-596.3391" y="675.9069" z="10.7617" angle="142.2299" col1="7" col2="7" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-665.3930" y="805.4311" z="11.0370" angle="179.7041" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-665.3428" y="783.4216" z="11.0371" angle="180.0831" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-650.4547" y="754.2264" z="11.2033" angle="266.7828" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-639.0520" y="753.5862" z="11.2032" angle="266.7841" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-600.3902" y="807.4341" z="11.2114" angle="263.8463" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="227" x="-614.1934" y="803.9073" z="29.6660" angle="1.2667" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-784.7332" y="672.1744" z="10.8495" angle="89.7786" col1="12" col2="12" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="135" x="-768.0613" y="665.6818" z="10.9137" angle="91.5195" col1="2" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-774.2057" y="995.6342" z="10.8461" angle="271.1632" col1="12" col2="12" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="159" x="-752.8378" y="1003.8906" z="10.8649" angle="359.9301" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="-780.7037" y="1026.5653" z="10.9394" angle="88.3382" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="130" x="-650.2558" y="920.8828" z="11.1857" angle="91.0021" col1="18" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="137" x="-694.1721" y="926.0735" z="11.1955" angle="268.8809" col1="3" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="137" x="-751.7783" y="927.2592" z="11.2812" angle="56.6550" col1="3" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="-774.4608" y="977.6279" z="10.8241" angle="180.5240" col1="36" col2="36" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="192" x="-803.5596" y="959.3724" z="10.6343" angle="271.9642" col1="68" col2="78" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="192" x="-715.9547" y="1065.1605" z="10.5446" angle="242.0198" col1="68" col2="78" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-496.2343" y="1208.0430" z="7.0726" angle="151.6175" col1="22" col2="22" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-521.5993" y="838.3251" z="11.1270" angle="326.8671" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-392.5302" y="894.8767" z="10.6133" angle="339.7856" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-528.6176" y="1203.7877" z="7.2948" angle="330.5338" col1="10" col2="10" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-447.5215" y="1203.1743" z="9.2052" angle="270.8528" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="-448.7614" y="1185.0378" z="9.5395" angle="93.0431" col1="41" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="149" x="-594.9833" y="1346.0950" z="11.5229" angle="114.8051" col1="47" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-822.9012" y="1310.8057" z="11.1059" angle="159.9270" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1476.8434" y="1047.7759" z="264.1451" angle="217.4100" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1347.2435" y="1055.6526" z="264.0510" angle="156.2663" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1279.8364" y="993.2283" z="262.8954" angle="90.2378" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1351.7225" y="934.1428" z="262.0353" angle="14.6320" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1515.2861" y="983.0940" z="263.1325" angle="282.8845" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1346.5970" y="1448.2627" z="299.1477" angle="321.8539" col1="46" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1311.7345" y="1446.4861" z="298.8468" angle="49.8741" col1="46" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1323.5178" y="1439.1461" z="298.8476" angle="9.8079" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1296.2511" y="1458.1401" z="298.8468" angle="77.2460" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1421.0701" y="1488.8687" z="302.1499" angle="73.6359" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-1127.0664" y="1511.9712" z="11.9682" angle="357.7274" col1="1" col2="42" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="173" x="-985.4117" y="1344.1613" z="11.7257" angle="47.3206" col1="93" col2="77" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="201" x="-918.6592" y="1130.1572" z="10.9791" angle="129.1441" col1="13" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="-782.4065" y="1116.9678" z="10.0661" angle="0.3381" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="-771.0571" y="1154.9764" z="12.6235" angle="180.7035" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-756.0136" y="1074.7358" z="9.2508" angle="91.9495" col1="35" col2="35" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="96.4878" y="1090.1553" z="16.0475" angle="211.5273" col1="48" col2="48" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="179" x="48.7824" y="1100.7084" z="17.2732" angle="182.7325" col1="16" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="179" x="-4.4181" y="1147.7140" z="19.4285" angle="205.1626" col1="16" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="179" x="18.5310" y="1140.2460" z="19.6552" angle="124.7352" col1="16" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="-142.0661" y="1022.3298" z="7.5074" angle="8.5241" col1="1" col2="90" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-390.174," y="397,10.0537" z="132,36" angle="173.0398" col1="41" col2="29" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="334.1074" y="1201.4971" z="17.1962" angle="268.0051" col1="33" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="204" x="395.3799" y="989.4377" z="12.1038" angle="245.0027" col1="17" col2="17" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="287.0439" y="1037.1035" z="13.2244" angle="11.1845" col1="33" col2="33" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="230" x="208.6151" y="1229.4574" z="17.4755" angle="295.1513" col1="48" col2="65" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="230" x="-1106.8494" y="292.9714" z="12.3273" angle="271.9934" col1="48" col2="65" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="216" x="-1002.6074" y="206.0241" z="11.4072" angle="174.9314" col1="6" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="138" x="-1261.3719" y="115.7242" z="12.0178" angle="172.4562" col1="1" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-1107.2173" y="-198.0835" z="11.1751" angle="90.1365" col1="9" col2="39" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="158" x="-920.4551" y="-306.0597" z="13.5878" angle="264.1842" col1="4" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="206" x="-951.9403" y="-378.0401" z="10.9365" angle="276.5116" col1="61" col2="39" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="206" x="-891.4566" y="-700.5800" z="10.9547" angle="37.6183" col1="61" col2="39" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-863.2736" y="-666.1580" z="11.0304" angle="186.4959" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-855.5962" y="-666.0559" z="10.9932" angle="183.2121" col1="7" col2="7" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-851.5004" y="-665.6548" z="10.9740" angle="185.7453" col1="76" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-845.2188" y="-675.1938" z="10.9438" angle="97.3510" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-844.9042" y="-679.4929" z="10.9420" angle="98.8294" col1="52" col2="52" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="175" x="-846.8568" y="-909.4408" z="10.9547" angle="319.2956" col1="42" col2="42" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="141" x="-973.8217" y="-831.9473" z="6.4925" angle="91.7754" col1="11" col2="11" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-1017.5047" y="-861.6166" z="12.8358" angle="213.0164" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1015.7603" y="-859.2327" z="17.4827" angle="191.6682" col1="22" col2="22" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1019.6179" y="-858.1592" z="17.4810" angle="184.1755" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="175" x="-979.8837" y="-1169.0863" z="14.7222" angle="92.2340" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="144" x="-1008.8375" y="-1407.3828" z="11.8616" angle="252.0942" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-697.8029" y="-1522.6481" z="12.1532" angle="68.8400" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="226" x="-731.2047" y="-1503.1404" z="11.2021" angle="265.5437" col1="12" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="226" x="-720.9149" y="-1553.4470" z="12.2698" angle="338.7068" col1="12" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="226" x="-696.1869" y="-1502.0701" z="11.7049" angle="357.9846" col1="12" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-686.5530" y="-1567.7709" z="12.5295" angle="247.8371" col1="1" col2="57" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="158" x="-665.4547" y="900.2264" z="11.2033" angle="252.7852" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-583.6869" y="-1502.5627" z="5.7980" angle="240.5196" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-389.6123" y="-1726.2853" z="6.7915" angle="3.0873" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-397.6457" y="-1342.7911" z="6.6525" angle="354.6517" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-374.6611" y="-659.9583" z="5.6830" angle="91.7661" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="201" x="-650.9855" y="-263.8465" z="6.7326" angle="306.9479" col1="50" col2="32" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-512.7714" y="-226.5067" z="6.7797" angle="356.7461" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-535.4413" y="-227.1720" z="6.6767" angle="337.7500" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="-372.2652" y="-216.4774" z="7.3608" angle="295.0877" col1="1" col2="35" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="604.7895" y="-1706.5129" z="7.5829" angle="332.8387" col1="1" col2="60" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="583.6797" y="-1760.7828" z="7.2956" angle="313.2621" col1="1" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="603.4528" y="-1774.8110" z="7.4699" angle="205.4766" col1="1" col2="14" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="-1259.0291" y="-1414.6964" z="7.4179" angle="60.5551" col1="1" col2="50" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="160" x="-1199.0627" y="-1382.2418" z="5.6341" angle="152.5868" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="160" x="-1213.4904" y="-1382.6627" z="5.5850" angle="151.3750" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-651.9755" y="-513.1553" z="10.1559" angle="111.1670" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-355.9834" y="-530.7414" z="12.5118" angle="1.3028" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-362.5143" y="-528.3513" z="12.5124" angle="2.4941" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="224" x="-393.3240" y="-523.2957" z="12.6169" angle="356.3634" col1="22" col2="22" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="141" x="-398.3515" y="-520.8174" z="12.6268" angle="359.5150" col1="20" col2="20" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="-406.8978" y="-520.3749" z="12.6289" angle="3.5854" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-391.8160" y="-573.8380" z="40.0296" angle="270.2119" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="170" x="369.4720" y="-523.6241" z="12.1027" angle="319.9711" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="352.9126" y="-509.6271" z="12.0988" angle="320.7192" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="167.0211" y="-1504.3243" z="10.6981" angle="195.1150" col1="46" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="161.7691" y="-1505.6873" z="10.6334" angle="260.1471" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="150.8547" y="-1525.2775" z="10.5850" angle="209.5386" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-71.3746" y="-1606.8180" z="12.1979" angle="268.9019" col1="1" col2="42" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-242.6452" y="-1347.8843" z="7.6379" angle="287.6805" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-254.7485" y="-1231.7388" z="7.6065" angle="82.8703" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-150.9673" y="-1427.3008" z="3.7353" angle="287.1888" col1="12" col2="12" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-159.8616" y="-1352.5422" z="9.9567" angle="88.3373" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="209" x="-107.2975" y="-1204.9932" z="10.2545" angle="314.1096" col1="15" col2="32" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="167" x="-5.2635" y="-1231.6711" z="10.5564" angle="3.0305" col1="75" col2="79" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="139.5816" y="-1104.4471" z="10.1935" angle="87.3026" col1="10" col2="10" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="125.3515" y="-1104.8690" z="9.9718" angle="178.6016" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="209" x="55.1483" y="-1077.7474" z="10.2544" angle="179.0974" col1="15" col2="32" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-53.6150" y="-998.6633" z="9.9737" angle="92.8012" col1="48" col2="48" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-38.4061" y="-1015.3550" z="10.0968" angle="359.9808" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-9.5104" y="-992.9700" z="10.1978" angle="354.5850" col1="17" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="201" x="-348.028" y="-524.925" z="12.7618" angle="271.4819" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-7.6970" y="-951.4760" z="21.2936" angle="2.1346" col1="51" col2="51" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-8.3562" y="-927.7123" z="21.2671" angle="181.7117" col1="7" col2="7" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="-118.7073" y="-922.1487" z="10.6754" angle="102.6320" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="273.2764" y="-873.0959" z="9.9347" angle="62.8151" col1="21" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="532.1689" y="-156.9969" z="13.3790" angle="97.7350" col1="33" col2="33" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="475.0922" y="-42.7295" z="9.8901" angle="357.9021" col1="36" col2="36" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="455.0826" y="-3.7197" z="10.4825" angle="81.7555" col1="13" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="525.0902" y="192.1835" z="14.3481" angle="179.2360" col1="11" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="297.6835" y="460.3541" z="9.9776" angle="249.5900" col1="41" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="329.6919" y="578.8196" z="6.6500" angle="0.0177" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="437.4555" y="539.0988" z="11.3912" angle="347.3801" col1="8" col2="8" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="456.3506" y="718.7170" z="11.6164" angle="266.7214" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="494.0573" y="503.6129" z="11.2556" angle="182.5625" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="520.5809" y="502.5757" z="10.8520" angle="176.7665" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="490.3658" y="521.4353" z="11.3487" angle="89.2153" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="184" x="-247.529" y="-635.489" z="6.14983" angle="179.2223" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="159" x="144.2603" y="-1230.6996" z="24.3226" angle="0.7343" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="128.0492" y="-1177.0865" z="31.0443" angle="2.2424" col1="33" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="110.0135" y="-1148.5236" z="30.8348" angle="359.9130" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="128.8416" y="-1216.1100" z="30.8201" angle="359.1587" col1="48" col2="48" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-1132.1305" y="-926.5008" z="14.6029" angle="270.2141" col1="37" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-1142.1732" y="-977.6573" z="14.6181" angle="91.6233" col1="10" col2="10" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-1142.2985" y="-1027.4420" z="14.3610" angle="85.6886" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="-1152.0118" y="-1014.8665" z="14.6410" angle="269.6242" col1="36" col2="36" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="218" x="-1369.5146" y="-1255.6322" z="18.1927" angle="36.6048" col1="1" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="-1681.8029" y="-645.2209" z="14.6583" angle="359.9387" col1="52" col2="52" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="224" x="-1627.2859" y="-623.5496" z="14.4104" angle="171.6752" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1579.2931" y="-613.0315" z="14.3933" angle="359.9059" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="200" x="-1747.2423" y="-269.6884" z="15.1117" angle="267.0928" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="200" x="-1746.7600" y="-225.4840" z="15.1116" angle="267.6391" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="163" x="-1745.6432" y="-212.0730" z="15.2650" angle="269.7901" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="163" x="-1704.9772" y="-215.9604" z="15.2650" angle="179.8797" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="155" x="-1661.2036" y="-225.9702" z="14.8505" angle="83.3181" col1="40" col2="44" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="153" x="-874.2407" y="-565.3093" z="11.1761" angle="186.5672" col1="1" col2="56" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="147" x="-758.9777" y="821.3871" z="10.9881" angle="180.4261" col1="71" col2="73" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="150" x="-800.3445" y="820.1251" z="10.9879" angle="358.3366" col1="71" col2="73" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-762.2755" y="132.3357" z="10.8166" angle="269.2282" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-605.8749" y="-1466.1476" z="5.9455" angle="313.0891" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-600.9694" y="-1468.3768" z="5.9371" angle="317.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-600.4547" y="766.2264" z="12.2033" angle="234.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="150" x="-694.5722" y="764.9821" z="10.7391" angle="551.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-600.4547" y="800.2264" z="12.2033" angle="321.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-600.4547" y="710.2264" z="11.2033" angle="317.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
and as i said no problem in everything :v
General Discussion / Re: WTF and I need model of skin
« on June 23rd, 2017, 09:25 PM »
Quote from vito1 on June 23rd, 2017, 09:22 PM
Quote from Zeyad Ahmed on June 23rd, 2017, 09:20 PM
i didnt understand you?
you want the dff and txd of that skin?
yes, I can't find it myself.
ok hold on i found the dff and searching for the txd :v
:edit: Here is it :v and take a backup of your gta3.img k?
General Discussion / Re: WTF and I need model of skin
« on June 23rd, 2017, 09:20 PM »
i didnt understand you?
you want the dff and txd of that skin?
Scripting and Server Management / Re: Custom Sound Problem~
« on June 23rd, 2017, 09:20 AM »
Well add the audio file and rename it s<id>_<name> as that id must be more than or = 50000 , but dont make 2 files with the same ID
as example
and then you can use it in Sound Functions
and a  example for playing a sound at a certain position
Code: [Select]
PlaySound( 1, 50000, Player.Pos);
you can see another functions from here
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] The Sound stops when the player shot with minigun
« on June 18th, 2017, 08:03 AM »
Subject: [BUG]The Sound stops when the player shot with minigun

If i used any of Sound functions like Player.playsound or Playsound or PlaySoundWorld and the player shot with minigun the stops


What you were doing when the bug happened
Shooting with minigun.

What you think caused the bug
The minigun create sound that stops the current sound.
General Discussion / Re: Vote for the best server of VCMP
« on June 18th, 2017, 01:55 AM »
Quote from Doom_Kill3R on June 17th, 2017, 11:50 PM
Best server based on playercount? Sad.
I wanted to make it based on best scripts and so on , but the players count proves what are the best servers