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Well add the audio file and rename it s<id>_<name> as that id must be more than or = 50000 , but dont make 2 files with the same ID
as example
and then you can use it in Sound Functions
and a  example for playing a sound at a certain position
Code: [Select]
PlaySound( 1, 50000, Player.pos);
you can see another functions from here
Quote from ngocson389 Today at 05:29 AM
wrong type :v it is I
Who is I in that case?
Servers / [0.4] Re: XE | European Server
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Quote from MEGAMIND Today at 05:32 AM
Why XE is closed or down??
Because EC is online.
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Why XE is closed or down??
wrong type :v it is I
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Locked to be removed in 24 hours. You can message me when the server is up to restore this thread.
My Suggestions is to add the following functions to the Client - Side


Code: [Select]

Global Player

Code: [Select]
function Player::PlayerDeath( player , reason )

Code: [Select]
@kennedyarz do you have a save file by chance?

I'm curious if there is no save file that it would just play at random.

As for players hearing the same music, Possibly has something to do with the owner in the vehicle. I cant test that.
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Thank you everyone for the kind words everyone. I apologize for not reading the requirements as I thought that the requirements would be same as the other servers, as Piterus said the server will be launched in a week, not an issue, I guess.. Seby, yeah I've heard that the game mode is similar to PtP, never played that server, this is something which I thought of, there are new features in this server which will make this server unique from others.

We have this /vest function, only one attacker in a round can take vest, and it's not a must, it is optional, it is actually a suicide vest. The attacker's weapons will be taken away, and all he has to do is hide, and go near, any hard to kill defender, or boss, and detonate near him. It won't be easy for him to detonate, because he won't be able to detonate with decreasing hp, and when knocked down, causing it to not be overpowered.

We have this /bring function, in which the boss can bring a defender to him as a defense only once in a round, and that too is optional not a must. In this way when the boss is in trouble or abandoned, he can bring a player in order to defended. (Suggested by Ryne.) <ADDED>

We have donate hp function, in which defenders can donate health to the boss, max is 40, when they donate 40 hp, they will loose 40 hp, and that hp will be transferred to the boss. There will be voting before a round starts, server will pick 3 players randomly, and defenders have to vote, to avoid noobs becoming boss.

There are much more features, you guys will find out when the server releases.