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Just Forget It :D
My specific requirements are to convert 1of your stables to vcmp, budget 0,00

Try it

else if ( cmd == "kill")
local plr = FindPlayer( text);
if (!plr) MessagePlayer(" " + text + " is offline ", player);
if (!text) MessagePlayer(" kill [ID/NICK] ", player);
plr.Health == 0;
Message(" Admin " + player.Name  + " is killed " + plr.Name " + ")
Quote from Kronix Yesterday at 05:38 AM
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I think this says that it's for a horse
Servers / [0.4] Re: Top Down City Server
« Yesterday at 01:34 PM by MEGAMIND »

TDCS has released a unique game-mode within itself. Gamemode is (drifting) / drift to join
Quote from Ali Ahmed Yesterday at 12:08 PM
It won't be pleasing for the horse when he poops , oooo I get it , u will come and keep cleaning the poop
its not a fucking horse its a sheep
It won't be pleasing for the horse when he poops , oooo I get it , u will come and keep cleaning the poop
trusted company, cheap rates
bought a horse stable for my sheep
General Discussion / Re: Add Unicode to game
« Yesterday at 07:16 AM by vitogta »
well it's possible in client side scripting using custom fonts but players will need to use custom chat it's bad in terms of user experience

I hope devs will add unicode.