News A server update was released on July 20. Server patch notes and downloads are here. Additionally, a client update was released on the same day. Client patch notes are here.


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Re: Server Update Released (July 20)
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They're not accepting new developers and the project can be classified as just a little hobby to which they add a line or two once a year when they get bored. Take a hint already.

This has been going on for years and it's not going to change anytime soon. Do not take those claims as being aggressive or pessimistic. I'm simply stating reality.

Re: Server Update Released (July 20)
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I think vcmp will stay where it is. why? Well, the developers are no longer connected and do not show signs of life either, so everything that was planned to be done was already done, and they are not going to do anything else here. And I think many have the same idea that I