FS Clan: Fallen Strikers


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FS Clan: Fallen Strikers
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You are now at the FS Clan legit Information.
Hope it is Helpfull to you.


Emerging Clan in Vice City MultiPlayer, It is brand new clan and with best features of vice city Multiplayer.
Feel free to post jonning app on Forum. For further information refer to Clan Forum.
Stickt Rules and Regulation presented on Forum. Full Freedom to every player of clan to do what they want if it not against the rules and regulations of clan.

Common Tags (3)

  • =FS=
  • [FS]
  • FS.




Official Members List (including Leaders & Founders)

  • Lancer
  • Error
  • abdevilliers
  • Kratos
  • -

Ranks (Decreasing Order)

  • Knight Commander (K)
  • Demonlords (D)
  • Warmasters (W)
  • Emperors (E)
  • Archwarriors (A)
  • Protectors (P)

These are 6 Ranks  we provide to our members according to their work and stay for our clan.

Hope you like that post and representation of Fallen Strikers.
Feel free to join. For further information , support , contact or Details refer to our Forum (link given above).
If any Suggestion for our clan Contact me.( Lancer Blaze).

ThankzZzzzzz For your love and care for us.

Signed by: Lancer Blaze
Designation: FS Founder.

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Re: FS Clan: Fallen Strikers
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I clicked the quote button to see all those nasty code :D
btw, fs is file system :D
You can contact me using Discord, at Developers.CPP( check off-board to find the invite link )
Github: https://github.com/theKAKAN


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