News A server update was released on July 20. Server patch notes and downloads are here. Additionally, a client update was released on the same day. Client patch notes are here.
Client Update for 0.4 Released (2017-05-24)


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Client Update for 0.4 Released (2017-05-24)
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A client update has been released for 04rel004.

This update was reissued on 2017-05-25 in order to fix a regression where the GUI system would fail to initialize on some systems, causing a crash.
  • Added custom font loading. Windows font files can be placed in a new directory on the server, store/fonts/, and can then be used in GUIs.
  • Added ability to hide and show HUD elements. New client-side scripting elements have been added:
    • Hud.AddFlags(flags) — a function that enables a HUD element or multiple elements
    • Hud.RemoveFlags(flags) — a function that disables a HUD element or multiple elements
    • Hud.Flags — an integer representing the HUD elements enabled
    • Several constants:

    • Hud.AddFlags(HUD_FLAG_CASH) — shows the cash HUD element
    • Hud.RemoveFlags(HUD_FLAG_CLOCK | HUD_FLAG_WEAPON | HUD_FLAG_RADAR) — hides the clock, weapon icon and radar all at once
    • if (Hud.Flags & HUD_FLAG_HEALTH) { /* ... */ } — runs code if the health HUD element is on screen
  • Added support for loading precompiled client-side scripts (i.e. .cnut files). These must be compiled on a 32-bit Squirrel instance.
  • Prepared to fix vehicle locking. This fix requires a companion server update which will be released in the coming days.
  • Fixed not being able to remove custom weapons from a player.
  • Fixed SMGs turning invisible when entering and exiting vehicles on servers with driveby disabled.
  • Fixed grenades disappearing from the player's hand after throwing one.
  • Fixed players with prostitute skins (24, 43, 70) uncontrollably trying to enter cars when other players entered or drove cars near them.
  • Fixed GUI elements being draggable after disabling the GUI_FLAG_DRAGGABLE flag.
  • Fixed the client crashing when picking an excessively long nickname in the browser.
  • Fixed player getting stuck in an attack loop when using some melee weapons while walking.
  • Fixed passengers being unable to dive out of fast-moving vehicles.
  • Fixed Listbox.RemoveItem hanging the game.
  • Fixed objects such as barrels at Vercetti's mansion being rendered like pickups.
  • Fixed remote players turning invisible and desynced after diving out of a moving vehicle that appears to explode for others.
  • Fixed the client crashing on disconnect if GUI listboxes are present.
  • Fixed /infgetmodelname and /infgetvehicleid showing incorrect results.
This update will take effect upon reloading the browser.