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Flip Fast and Furious 6
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Content Type: Vehicle
Original Author: I can not find it. I only saw it in my SA and I converted it
[Modified By: sexi autor
Authorized By Original Author?: My GTA SA does not speak. so yes
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Download here:

To enjoy it more use this in your script
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I_KEY <- BindKey(true, 0x49, 0, 0);

function onPlayerEnterVehicle( player, vehicle, door )
if( vehicle.Model == 6400 ) vehicle.Immunity = 1024;

function onKeyDown( player, key )
      if(key == I_KEY)
if(player.Vehicle!=null) { local v=player.Vehicle; v.RelativeSpeed*=1.3;}


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Re: Flip Fast and Furious 6
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Quote from kennedyarz
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Code: [Select]
vehicle.Immunity = 1023;
You also forgot function before OnScriptLoad and it's onScriptLoad, not OnScriptLoad.

And then you complain about how simple things are.