News A server update was released on July 20. Server patch notes and downloads are here. Additionally, a client update was released on the same day. Client patch notes are here.


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Client Update for 0.4 Released (2017-06-07)
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A client update has been released for 04rel004.
  • Fixed players sliding when crouch-tapping.
  • Fixed some shot timing issues when fast switching while standing.
  • Fixed not being able to throw grenades and molotovs properly.
  • Fixed incorrect death reasons and killers sometimes being given when dying in an automobile.
  • Fixed some vehicle sync issues with players getting killed in automobiles.
  • Fixed a regression where vehicle drivers would dive out of vehicles even when driving at slower speeds.
This update will take effect upon reloading the browser.

Re: Client Update for 0.4 Released (2017-06-07)
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Quote from Doom_Kill3R on June 7th, 2017, 09:13 AM
Quote from Stormeus link=msg=34714 date=1496
Fixed players sliding when crouch-tapping.
... but my slide will never die!
Is it Vietnam Slide? Let's not tell the developers how to do it, it's an awesome slide and is very hard to replicate through scripts if somehow broken.

Re: Client Update for 0.4 Released (2017-06-07)
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a new age dawns over vice city

thanks stormeus

ACTUALLY.. now Rhino cannon is not synced even though Seasparrow and Hunter are

Re: Client Update for 0.4 Released (2017-06-07)
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Are there any other bugs ? :D (besides the ones described in this topic)

Anyway, I would like to bring up that diving out of a vehicle in high-speed is not happening for bikes.
Works just fine for cars, but not for bikes. (and maybe more models?)
Also, I've noticed that here is applied the same animation, no matter what seat was occuppied. (from right or left part)