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FM . Full Metal.


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FM . Full Metal.
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Weeeeeeelcomeeeeeee ,, you are on fm clan legit information
A new clan created by FM.SoNiC* (me)
FM clan in vice city multiplayer .. hope you joined fm *
Only owner Give apply players ..  without apply ..
if any player break rules of fm clan .. Banned from forum + kick
CommOn tags .(.
3 members ...
SoNiC* Owner of fm clan .
Killerman - Member of fm clan .
Puriya . Member of fm clan
a new rank .. 3 ranks
Full Tag                                                                                                                                                                                                        forum clan
signed by:SoNiC*


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Bohemia Is God Of Punjabi Rap
Yo Yo Honey Singh tou chutiya hai


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