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=EA= Elite Assassins

Mahmoud Tornado

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Re: =EA= Elite Assassins
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Quote from Razor5K. on September 16th, 2017, 12:09 AM
Quote from Mahmoud Tornado on September 15th, 2017, 11:58 AM
1- i have members
2- i have application in vcmp forum
3- i makeing a server
4- i added it in 3 servers
5- your clan you closed it
6- your clan name Elite class [A]  EcA or EC  But I Am Elite Assassin's EA
7- my clan popularity than your one
8- ask in any server about EA they Will tell you that the founder is MahmoudTornado
9- when you made your clan you must add it here to be your clan registered with your name
10- thx for see that I wish you understood me :D
You really should have some problem, if the clan is mine I have the right to give a tag that I want, then shut that fucking mouth.
And if the clan is closed, only the leader can give permission to reopen it. Child.
You can ask anyone, I, who owns this clan.
lol you who must asking. you talking like a noob lol.
you wanna made clan you must application in the forum to be your clan but you not i can do any clan but not application it then it go not be with me and now ask any one about it. not don't be a noob in your talking and behave you are a not good behavior. i am talking like a behavior man but i can insult too but i am not bad behavior and ask about me :D and ask the any one about this clan who owner of it :D so it not my problem it is your one you must do application to any clan you made it not my problem. it yours problem. so keep calm i am don't wanna any problems.


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Re: =EA= Elite Assassins
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There is no system of "rights to tag" so your 2-3 symbols before your names is totally under server's rules. And if you have your own server - feel free to play under any name and any tag (if it wont hurt masterlist admins and their so-called friends)


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Re: =EA= Elite Assassins
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Quote from vito1 on September 16th, 2017, 03:26 AM
(if it wont hurt masterlist admins and their so-called friends)
Theoretically, it shouldn't.
The only reasons for master list bans so far are:
  • Spamming the masterlist
  • Impersonating official servers
  • Announcing 0.3 servers


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Re: =EA= Elite Assassins
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Quote from EK.IceFlake on September 16th, 2017, 08:02 AM
  • Impersonating official servers
Drake's XE were fake one (he wasn't XE coder) but it wasn't banned. Because he had some "useful" friends. So everything is about social connections/relations. Don't be too naive in your theoreties. There is only one good way to protect server: never publish it to people linked with VC-MP masterlist admins. Keep it hidden form admin's friends and then it will be alive regardless their will. If they will want to ban your server - they will find a reason. Especially in this grey zone where no rules written for servers. It's very easy to be corrupt in system with no "law" at all.
For example - piracy is not allowed in this vc-mp forum, but there is few servers, including one runned by vc-mp's staff who copied city from another R*'s game in vc-mp masterlist. Who will keep rules to ban himself, right? So they're ignoring R* copyright when they wants to. (+Pirated radios in LW, and so on...)

Never trust too much.


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Re: =EA= Elite Assassins
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Drake had permission from the creators of XE and they were given owner ranks as well.
I convert minecraft worlds to VCMP, if you want your worlds to be converted, shoot me a PM! (Please note the paintings, flower pots, armour stands and custom skulls won't be converted within the model. Also big objects won't be converted)


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Mahmoud Tornado

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Re: =EA= Elite Assassins
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Just Forget It :D


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