Vice War VII: BIKER BRAWL| Invitation


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Vice War VII: BIKER BRAWL| Invitation
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And here we are again with another huge and majestic event which is held every year called "Vice War". All of our previous events were successful and they did bag a massive repute. Vice War as usual is a jaunty and prolific event. And this time we are coming with the  season VII of Vice War which is Bikers Brawl which I envision will procure huge repute. And the players of VCMP can participate in it. There are no restrictions of any sort here.

Vice War is an event which is impatiently waited by all and sane is the case this time. Vice War is an 24 hour event. Players can join and team up for 24 hours and can join any time within 24 hours and compete and the team which bags the most points wins. In the previous seasons we had two teams consisting of clan and clanless players. But this time we've come up with something new. We'll have bikers brawl in which different bikers will compete and they'll fight in downtown and team to make the max points and kills will be the winner.

We do organize this event so that VCMP members could spend some time together and have memorable time. Along with the happiness of Christmas ????  and new year it is more like a gift to us all. Biker brawl is a war event in which we won't have any restrictions of number of teams. Any group can make their separate gang  and select their leader as well . All the teams will fight and the team who bags max points will win.

So what are you waiting for time is come. It's time to be together and have fun all the way. So vice war VII invites you to this glorious event and your presence will be greatly appreciated. And we assure you that we will show great respect and collaboration in this regard. To register for the event and further information, visit the Vice Underdogs forum.

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