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[Custom Object] Billboard


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[Custom Object] Billboard
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Content type: Object
Original author: R*
Modifications: Extracted from VC files and replaced a texture.
Modified by: me (PunkNoodle)

A simple billboard that can be used as a base for any image to be added in game, the ratio is roughly 3:1 make sure your image matches that ratio, else stretching can occur.
If you want to use your own image, replace the one inside the TXD file and save. To view the TXD file you can use any of these programs below:

Magic TXD (recommended)
TXD Workshop 5.0

Content screenshots:

If anyone needs it I attach a transparent image below which can be used as a template.

For any question, issues about installation, or anything, feel free to reply in this thread. Maybe not, don't.
[Custom Object] Re: Billboard
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ASCII"?>
<object id="0">
<model path="billboard.dff" distance="300" />
<texture path="billboard.txd" />
<collision type="none" />
<flags value="0" />


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[Custom Object] Re: Billboard
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Good OF Luck

Can we add this in ScriptLoad()
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[Custom Object] Re: Billboard
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You need to paste that code in a file and name that file objects.xml, then place that file inside store/objects/ subfolder of your server.