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VCMP - NiceVice (Hungary)


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VCMP - NiceVice (Hungary)
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Here is a quick promo video from our new server.
There are more than 650 vehicles! Incredible unique and beautiful gameplay!

This video ingame footages recorded (by me), remastered from our server based on the original Vice City intro ;-) :P
Created and directed by me, with a lot of helpfull players, actors. :D

Now open only for hungarian players (for testing season) but soon we'r going to public!
The details soon.. till check our facebook site, follow us and join to our community.  facebook/nicevicehun

btw, lot of videos like this and ingame footages, event actions on my YT profiles (videos) from our NICE Vice server from Hungary!

see you soon..

VCMP NiceVice 2018 Hun - PROMO