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Title: [1.0 - Stable] Miami Land Server Source
Post by: Munchking on April 23rd, 2019, 09:18 AM
Hey, just sharing my old server I have been working on for 0.4 VC:MP which features out of the following:
- Custom Maps
- Custom Worlds
- Clan System
- Property System
- Many custom weapon, skins, vehicles
- Roleplay, Team Deathmatch, SQLite Account System
- World Selector
- Races
- Many more!

Load the first scripts\Events\Server\ServerStartup.nut

Note: Requires SqMod.


It's a full rework and remake.

Do not confuse it with other servers such as ViceLand, its not it.

Topic locked, any questions feel free to PM me. I can help you guide on installation.