Does anyone know the maximum world size in in VC?

Started by ., Jan 31, 2015, 11:11 PM

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I need to know the maximum size of the world in ViceCity. Basically I need to know how much can the player go in both positive and negative X, Y, Z directions. Like a box for example that simply tells how X goes from -2131.23 to 2314.5, Y goes from -1213.2 to 321.13 and Z goes from -3154.34 to 2526.65. I'll do some digging on my own but if anyone has a knowledge of these limits than please share them with me.


What is the maximum positive and negative x, y, z values that a an entity can reach in the game (player, object, vehicle etc.).


From server.conf:
<WorldBoundaries x1="5000.0" x2="-5000.0" y1="5000.0" y2="-5000.0"/>
And here is the syntax:


Oh, so this is modifiable. Ok, I'll look into it.


Maybe a developer could give a more explained reasoning behind this.

Using my settings script, I set the boundaries to 5000.0 on every side (basically the values like what seby posted). However, when I went to the far top left corner of the map (Downtown), I realized that I'm only able to go to approximately y = 1950.00 (I was in a Hunter when I test this so the size of the Hunter itself could have changed the actual world limit. Can't recall what the x-axis was). I also tested with 50000.0 but I still got the same results. Any value lower than 1950.0 (Again, I only tested the maximum y-axis) works normally however.

I don't know if this is related to boundaries being set by script or if this is a VC related boundaries issue.


x < 2000.0, x > -2100.0, y < 1900.0, y > -1900.0 are the max world bounds for sync on the 0.3r2 Squirrel server.


Quote from: Fuzzie on Feb 01, 2015, 01:27 AMMaybe a developer could give a more explained reasoning behind this.


If you found yourself running into an invisible wall, that's some trickery maxorator invented. Vice City doesn't consider anything beyond that wall valid; to prevent players from crashing other people's games by being in an invalid coordinate, VC:MP deflects vehicles and projectiles approaching the invalid area.


What are the coordinates for this invalid area?


Quote from: Fuzzie on Feb 03, 2015, 02:18 AMWhat are the coordinates for this invalid area?

Lower bound is (-2350.0, -1950.0, -200.0)
Upper bound is (1550.0, 1950.0, 20000.0)