Proper format to post (Map, Object, Skin, Vehicle, Weapon)

Started by MacTavish, Mar 31, 2016, 05:10 AM

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QuoteIf your release is an object, map, skin, or vehicle, it should go in the appropriate subboard. If your release doesn't neatly fit into one of those categories, it should be posted in this catch-all board instead.

If your release consists of content repackaged from other mods or modders, appropriate credit should be given, just as it would be given for something like a script release.

Releases without appropriate author credits will not be accepted and links will be removed

[b]Type (Map, Object, Skin, Vehicle, Weapon):[/b]
[b]Original author credits(along with website address):[/b]
[b]Further Edited By( if you edited the model, textures ):[/b]
[b]Download Link:[/b]

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[b]Content Type[/b]: Map/Object/Skin/Vehicle/Weapon/Texture/Mixed etc.
[b]Original Author[/b]: Nickname/Username/Real Name/I made it entirely from scratch! etc.
[b]Source Link[/b]: Link to where you got the original source/Server name if it came from a server/My own hands! etc.
[b]Modifications:[/b]: Changed Textures/Converted To VC/Just Created XML Files etc.
[b]Modified By[/b]: XYZ in collaboration with ABC, IJK etc.
[b]Authorized By Original Author?[/b]: Yes/No (Couldn't get in touch with him!)
[b]Content Screenshots[/b]: ...

NOTE: If the content type is mixed and delivered as a pack then credits should be given for each individual resource that is included in the pack.



Quote from: Coolkid on Mar 31, 2016, 09:25 PM@S.L.C if we dont know who is original author then

Then someone else copied that without giving credits and you copied that from the person who forgot to give credits... and so on. And because the first one that copied it forgot to include credits, resulted in his work being illegal which inherently makes your work illegal. Therefore you should not release things that don't have credits attached to them. Because once you strip the credits from that content you just made your work illegal.

Most things have an original author somewhere. It's almost a mandatory thing.


I'm not going to get into the legality of using other people's work without credit. It's simply morally wrong, and failing to give credit to your source makes it seem as though you're taking credit for work you didn't do, which is why we ask for attribution.


The only situation where I think that keeping track of credits is hard. Is if you're about to model from scratch a large map and you collect textures from all over the web to mix together an create other textures and perform various blends. Then trying to credit those hundreds of textures is not going to be an easy task. Especially since some sites copy from other sites and so on. That's probably the only situation where I think the credits can be left aside unless the original author comes in and demands that you add credits. At which point you will add credits to that author.