[BETA] Binaries for the main plug-in and modules.
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[BETA] Binaries for the main plug-in and modules.
« on August 24th, 2016, 12:12 AM »Last edited on November 6th, 2020, 06:02 PM
Binaries can be found here: https://discord.gg/JMcXBa3 (See: https://forum.vc-mp.org/?topic=4856.0) They are updated as soon as changes appear in the repository. And when someone has time or is generous enough to publish their builds. Just ask.


Folder structure:
  • dependencies
    This folder contains shared DLLs or files that the other plug-ins depend on and must be copied into the server directory (near the executable). Some of the other files (excluding DLLs) are provided as an example for a base setup.
  • dynamic
    This folder contains plug-in binaries that have been built to use the operating system shared libraries. On Windows they require the run-times from the dependencies directory. They have a smaller footprint and share code that can be shared meaning that they tend to use less memory and add less executable code to the server.
  • standalone
    This folder contains plug-in binaries that have been built with the runtime libraries embedded into them. They have a larger footprint and because of the duplicate code they tend to use more memory and add more executable code to the server.

Any file or folder suffixed with '-d' contains a debug version of the plug-in. They're only meant to track down bugs in plug-in because they include extra debug messages and debug information. As well as the location in source code where a certain exception is thrown. Update: Due to their size, debug binaries are no longer maintained.

The main Squirrel plug-in must always be loaded first in the server configuration file. Otherwise you'll get a warning and the server won't start.

The server will fail to start and most likely shut down with an exception message (to you it'll seem like a crash but it's the intended behavior) if there's an error in the script code. And this normal behavior because the server should not be running with broken code.

Some modules are still a work in progress. Only a portion of all the modules are available for download. And even some of these are still incomplete. Well, complete compared to the official ones but incomplete for my preferences.

Keep in mind that this is a beta release in order to allow people to report bugs and get used to it. This plug-in requires extensive knowledge of programming to be properly used. If you've never read any programming books and just started for the sake of doing it. Don't get your hopes up and stick to the official plug-in.

Documentation is still a work in progress and it's just too much to document by myself. Documentation will be added here with time. At the moment, only a fraction of the plugin is documented. And some of the information there can be outdated. So be careful what you read from there. Feel free to contribute though.