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Started by Stormeus, May 25, 2017, 05:09 PM

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Since client-side scripts now support compiled Squirrel files, a common question seems to be how to compile scripts for it. You do not need to compile scripts on the client in order to get working bytecode for it, and compiling your code on the server works fine. However, if this is inconvenient or confusing, Squirrel also has a program for compiling scripts that you can use.



$ ./sq -h
Squirrel 3.1 stable Copyright (C) 2003-2016 Alberto Demichelis (32 bits)
usage: sq <options> <scriptpath [args]>.
Available options are:
   -c              compiles the file to bytecode(default output 'out.cnut')
   -o              specifies output file for the -c option
   -c              compiles only
   -d              generates debug infos
   -v              displays version infos
   -h              prints help

No 64-bit version is provided since client scripts cannot handle scripts compiled on 64-bit versions of Squirrel.

For the purposes of building client scripts, you'll generally want to use the command [tt]sq -c -o myfile.cnut myfile.nut[/tt]