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[VU]GangstaRas has joined us as an Event Coordinator. Welcome to CHAMP’3 council!
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We’d like to give heartwarming welcome to every player who has been taken as participant into this season of CHAMPIONSHIP. Today, we're announcing something that every and each of you have been expecting for a long while: The final AUCTION ceremony. In this aforementioned ceremony, each player will get to know which one will be the respective team they will be playing with, and among their teammates, they are going to try to achieve the victory.

Link: https://ead.thijn.ovh/index.php?topic=1418.0
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Greetings EAD CHAMPS! Team names along with Captain names have officially been decided. Please follow the image below for more details:

CHAMP'3 wishes every CAPTAIN a good luck for the AUCTION ceremony. May the best team achieve victory!
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Just a day left and you'll come to know which team belongs to you, Stay tuned:

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Just few more hours to go, be sure to join us, EAD People!

AUCTION will take place at #auction.echo and only Captain's will have permission to send messages in that channel while EAD People can chat regarding ongoing auctions at #discussion. Stay tuned, we will wait for you!

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Thank you so much for joining us yesterday, AUCTION went well and we are glad to see your presence. It was fun and entertaining placing bids on the players. Every Captain tried his best to make a better team but let's see which team carry the day. We are currently working on the CHAMP'3 server and will start group stage once we are done. Stay tuned. Auction resuts: https://ead.thijn.ovh/index.php?topic=1426.msg9301#new
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Third edition of CHAMPIONSHIP has been commenced with the record of 56 players which are further divided into eight teams after successful Auction ceremony. Group stage has begun and all the required information can be availed here. All the teams have been divided and placed in their respective groups. We wish you a Good luck for the event. This is going to be tough competition as all the teams are equally balanced and have somehow chance to win. Let's see who really hit the spot!

Teams may start discussing match schedule from this day. Champ'3 server information can be found here.