VCMP 0.3z config for 0.4


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VCMP 0.3z config for 0.4
« on June 11th, 2015, 03:57 PM »
Posted this seperately in another topic but thought it deserves its own post as i've had it for awhile now but theres some people out there I see saying they dont like the new design so maybe this is an alternative:


This is a config for 0.4 which applies a design similar to that of 0.3z

It includes:

- No disappearing chatbox lines after a period of time.
- The text entry cursor placed below the chatbox rather than above the chatbox.
- Console key changed to F1 rather than TAB (as TAB is the key to pick up new types of weapons)
- Font changed from 'Verdana' to 'Arial'
- Slightly smaller chatbox text
- Simpler black background scoreboard with smaller scale.
- Player healthbars are rectangular instead of oval with no backdrop.
- Player nametag scale decreased slightly.
- Grey console background and changed ">" arrow in the console from green to pink.


Healthbars and chatbox:


1. Download the .zip file from here:

2. Go to: \Users\<WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Vice City Multiplayer and fine the latest vcmp version folder e.g "04relXXX"

3.  Copy the contents from the "image" folder you downloaded into the "image" folder in the Vice City Multiplayer folder.

4. Next go to C:\Users\DDCC\AppData\Roaming\VCMP\04beta" and copy the file "vcmp_config.txt" from the .zip you downloaded and replace the file.

5. Done.

The optimal resolution for this config is 1920x1080. If you have a screen resolution you may want to increase the scale of the fonts, scoreboard and nametags. Though each time vcmp updates I think you will need to reinstall this:


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