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Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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Greetings MAGNATES! Team names along with Captain names have officially been decided. MAGNA wishes every CAPTAIN a good luck for the AUCTION ceremony. May the best team achieve victory!

Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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Just one day left for the auction ceremony. Join us to be GRAND!

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I thank you for everyone for joining the auction ceremony, we weren’t expecting such a overwhelming response but the audience was literally amazing, we had non-stop conversation between the participants during auction. We also live streamed the auction ceremony where our staff contributed a lot with the graphics and commentary:

Teams are now finalised and I am sure everyone is satisfied with his team. I’ve an idea how much everyone is waiting for matches to begin but I making this post solely just to inform you that we will take at least a week or so to start with matches. Currently, we are working with script and finalising some rules. Stay tuned, we are starting very soon.

Thank you for reading. Here is the list of teams:
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This might sound a bit weird to many people but we are starting a new initiative of collecting real money for the prize pool for the top three winning teams in order to increase the competition in the tournament and ultimately the community. We are putting in some effort so VC: MP community players who are eligible can sponsor our events making it more interesting.

We are accepting donations from today until the event ends and money will be split accordingly among the winning teams. If you want to donate money, please contact Siezer or any Executive and they will be happy to help you. If you are finding difficulty in the donation process, please contact our team, they would assist you with the process.

Thank you for your support,


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Meet our first sponsor, RajPut. Together RajPut and Team MAGNA hope to bring you an event that will keep this legacy alive.

MAGNA would like to thank its Platinum sponsor who has donated 175$ for the event and we would also like to acknowledge RajPut for his unending support and belief in us. Suffice to say that without him, this dream wouldn’t have been so easily achieved.

We are expecting a more positive response from the community even if you are able to contribute a little, we are happy to share with our community your contributions and support for MAGNA. Prize Pool will keep expanding as more people donate.

This is such a big day for MAGNA, our team is very thankful to RajPut for his donations.
Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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Our proud sponsor for the event, Siezer. I am excited to have myself on the board.

I am putting my share 50$ with a thought that we can collectively make this event and community more competitive when it comes tournaments and participations. I am happy to be a MAGNA sponsor.

Total Prize Pool for now: 225$


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Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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I wish I could donate lol

I still need that money for rent and food lmao
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Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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Wanna Know what makes MAGNA bigger and better? It’s the sponsors, because of which we bring prize on the plate of our winners.

MAGNA 2021 is enthralled to announce Ferrari32 as its valuable sponsor for this season contributing 50$. We thank our sponsors for their utmost support in providing this prize pool. This is the third sponsor from Vice Underdog Clan, we are thankful to them for all their contributions.

Total Prize Pool: 303$
Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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Attention all participants,

The groups for MAGNA 2021 are finalized, so keep yourself posted on the time and places you need to be. In case of any inquiry, find our Staff Team members and we'd be happy to help.

Matches arrangement can be made from today, we wish everyone best of luck.

Further Information:

Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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We are starting with a BLAST. @Hazard and @S3Z4R aims to bring their best on this Saturday at 16:30 GMT. These two captains are confident to share the battleground as community expects a lot from them.

We are all set for this match, are you? Set your alarms as this isn’t something to be missed. We will wait for you as we are offering live streaming of the entire match.

Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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As we are progressing towards our first match, we are excited to share the feelings of our captains with our community. Our first podcast episode featuring @sezar and @Hazard  representing their teams.
Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
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After the first exciting match from Group B, we’ve got another interesting match from Group A. Teatanic and Might Asian Gang Member Alliance will come face to face this friday at 16 GMT.

Good luck to both Martydom and aXXo. May the best team achieve victory.