[Bug]One bug in squirrel module


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[Bug] One bug in squirrel module
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The squirrel function GetShowOnlyTeamMarkers throws error on calling.
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[SCRIPT]  Error: wrong number of parameters

Reason: I found myself in squirrel module source
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.Func(_SC("GetShowOnlyTeamMarkers"), EnabledShowOnlyTeamMarkers, 2, _SC("tb"))

It is set to pass one 'b' bool as argument.

Accidently came upon it. noting it otherwise i will forget

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.Func(_SC("PlaySoundForPlayer"), PlayGameSoundForPlayer)
.Func(_SC("PlaySoundForWorld"), PlayGameSoundForWorld)
params checking is not made in these two functions. Calling it with no arguments shut down the server.( happened to me yesterday, when i was making something else)