The programming loop and brain

Started by habi, May 26, 2022, 08:46 AM

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Step 1: I run cmake --build. --config Release

Step 2: I go to Release folder and double click my program

Step 3: I inspect my program. Go to notepad++ make some changes and save. Then i go to Step 1 again.

Guys, i was repeating this for 6 hours last yesterday. And when i went outside into the streets, i realised how mechanical my mind has become.

Our brains are caught in this. Seeing a desire ( Aah how nice will my program become if I add this. Add that too. then that thing and then.. Is it better if... )

I wish i could throw this computer into some big garbage.

Did you guys ever feel like this?


The TO-DO list usually never ends for me, haha.
That's why I suck at finishing stuff => I never finish applying all my ideas, as new ones come every day.
In my case, some strategy helps, like organizing tasks and think exactly what I want from the product, for a first version.
But, especially when you work on your own product, on your free-time, things can get boring and you just decide to move to some other step, and then return to this one when you feel so. But that's not my case. So I just leave some things undone and don't even wanna go back to it.

So I think it's better for me to get paid and do what somebody else's want, haha, if you can believe that.
But this way, I do finish my stuff.