Wrongfully accused and Blacklisted

Started by EnForcer, Oct 26, 2021, 03:28 PM

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Quote from: Anish87 on Oct 26, 2021, 06:03 PMif Kewun was using, basically misusing your server's name why didn't you ask him not to.
Imagine expecting Kewun to listen lmao

Holy shit this is the most active thread in years in the VC:MP forum


Personally i would suggest to let that server free, as they are totally right by there side, yes hackers are everywhere and u cant totaly stop them! Though idk when will be the devs be back to make some stuff secure(probably), but yea let that server free as its not there fault.. well i aint with hackers nor with the servers devs but as the topic was interesting and had some points, this server should be free instead of beimg banned


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kewun is working together with RTV staff, it's clear and concrete

that dog ibee proved it by his denial, thus knowing that PL dogs are acting dumb about RTV sync thinking that "gui isn't fault for anything in vcmp"
plus my advice is avoid playing in RTV if you don't want to play against a hacker with full admin rights lol, i wouldn't be surprised if by 2022 we'd see Kewun owning that server

you are prohibiting The Ravens from connecting to masterlist, but the PL dogs have freedom of running their dirty scripts all over..




when i told them the truth, they started by "warning" me, thinking i give a shit about their retarded script full of idiot ideas
& ask ibee what happen when he tried to get into conversation with me, he still needs some paper if anyone can send him over...

dropped the soap:

nassim questioned kewun some things.. apparently spiller seeks playercount with those names such as "kewunmom" and shit

to be honest, PL staff is really trash of vcmp, with no grudges held i can say this..


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instead solving hacker problem they ban victim server from masterlist gg nice mp mod also #freeraven


Quote from: HunTinG on Oct 26, 2021, 08:27 PMkewun is working together with RTV staff, it's clear and concrete

Yes, Kewun my bestest friend, we even share toothbrush, see:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Anyway, the multiclient playercount stunt that I did, it was all to mock his crasher, NewK knows about it. Here's the complete screenshot. Besides, I don't expect neither yours nor Kewun's little brain to comprehend any logic. One claims to have hacked NASA other thinks client side GUI causes server lag.

About Ravens, I have nothing personal, the unban is now upto VCMP team. I just shared what I witnessed. And cut it already with the irrelevant crap, trust me you don't want to go down that road, I'm only holding back because there's a time and a place.

I didn't know about the P4P4 situation since I'm not one to shake hands with the kind of a scum he has become.  I don't buy any of the screenshots you've shared because why would someone admit to something completely against their interest. If you have anything that proves it, please share.


Nothing personal? After all the mess you've created so far by blaming certain players/servers and making vcmp developers Blacklist/ban the targeted server just because it gained players over your servers and infact the thing is you came up with the bullshit drama just to ban Ravens and get your server some players(You're farming the players instead)
You said you shared whatever the fuck you witnessed? Instead i feel like You have NO known evidance its just some of your theories in your head and you make them work just with the help of vcmp developers so called "BUDDIES AND CLANMATES" of yours.
You and your group have targeted some players from very long and everyone noticed it(without evidence ofc) and yet you claim that a group of hackers attacked your server.

Tell me how sure you can be about Ravens staff sharing the server information to Kewun and as you've already made the topic public but the thing is it lacks evidence and its more like you're sharing crap but no evidence so as you have already made a shitty fake drama why dont you come up with the Evidence now? Let everyone know the truth maybe?

You think the evidence provided by Ravens Staff is of no use? Then kindly tell me "How do you think your evidence is of any use? Its just some player joining server & more like masterlist picture" how do you elaborate this one?

Well none the less..its very disappointing from Vcmp staff being one sided and didnot let the otherside give their defence, if thats the case then vcmp deserves what its going through.
Take a notice please.



Why my previous msg is on approval and rest of the useless replies are being approved? Any kind reason please?


as i said before, they use "kewun mom" as a front to attack players and to act like there's no friendship in between them

kewun can crash the shit out of RTV with no problems, apart from the small problem that spitfire is holding him from doing so.

and as i said, when RTV staff promoted spitfire (a known aimbotter) to admin of their server, no one in vcmp community did anything, however when the ravens were trying to keep their own server active and didn't take action against the 2 peasants, vcmp community didn't like that RTV's playercount was drained cuz of The Ravens

PL and faggots staff are nothing but materialists cunts who would do anything to save their own skin

making a server script insulting kewun's mom or sm shit doesn't really impress me as long as Kewun's long time associate and friend SpitFire is in the staff making moves just for RTV to don't be crashed
and about spiller, i don't even need to comment on his high level of iq, knowing this is the same idiot who was saying "GUi Has No AFfecTion In VcMp, FuCk You RetARd HUnTInG"

he has no DM experience whatsoever, he cannot know whether the gameplay is good or not STILL he is making comments about whether the gameplay sucks or not

i'll tell you what - whatever PL will build, will last only a few months just like RTV playercount, unless the other servers are crashed and there's nothing else to play.