Wrongfully accused and Blacklisted

Started by EnForcer, Oct 26, 2021, 03:28 PM

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The Ravens

1 ) Server Name: The Ravens DM Server ( )
2 ) Server Name: The Ravens Attack & Defend Server ( )

Hello everyone!
As most of you guys know that The Ravens servers are recently blocked from masterlist by Adtec. Reason given:
QuoteThe Ravens DM and AD servers have been actively co-conducting with the attackers targeting to crash servers with a goal to farm playercount on their servers in illicit ways.

Our Defend
In the beginning i would like to say that we are not with any attacker of VC-MP and the our servers are banned wrongfully. We were even trying to find the fixes of that crashes to avoid that crashes. The most important thing is that how we got 50 players and why we let P4P4 play? The reason behind letting him play is simple if we ban or kick him he crash our server instantly just and then that's why due to having players we let him play until we got any fix for that crashes and aXXo also did same he let him play in Koth.
@MEGAMIND can also tell about it
I'm hereby sending some screenshot of last night with megamind:



And some staff chat of The Ravens DM server here:


I think these screenshots are really enough to prove that we aren't with that attackers even we are trying to get a fix for this.

PL/RTV Politics

As it's not first time PL's making drama, they did it before with us as well. Since start of the CTB they were jealous from us. We had some problems and it was unexpected that these Problematic Legends were still planning against us from a long time, its not first time they are trying to ruin our reputation. At first when we started CTB they tried to ruin that by saying its their script and we stole them but that didn't worked then they accused Harold that he is with Kewun and he has hand in crashing but they got no proof. After a long time when we got a better playercount than RTV they again started defaming us. And this @NewK asked Adtec to ban server without even discussing with us ? because that MK Berkay Khan asked him to do.

here are some screenshots of Problematic Legends:

Further proofs that we aren't with Kewun, Even Kewun himself admitted that we aren't with him ( PM WITH FROST ):
[spoiler][/spoiler] As you can see he crashed Ravens A/D Server on its release ceremony and all players gone[spoiler][/spoiler]



   <a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="https://theravens.imkiki.ovh/uploads/monthly_2022_08/msi2.png.46b734a3c617ea1ad22e5d47a42c19cb.png"><img alt="msi2.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="20" data-loaded="true" data-ratio="56.3" data-src="https://theravens.imki



Free Ravens Please


Please don't unblock this server Because the owner of this server want too many players here so he call hacker to hack players and get all of the players in his server I see yesterday in this server here are 50 players online. I Thanks Adtec who blocked this server.







Quote from: husnainaligee on Oct 26, 2021, 03:48 PMPlease don't unblock this server Because the owner of this server want too many players here so he call hacker to hack players and get all of the players in his server I see yesterday in this server here are 50 players online. I Thanks Adtec who blocked this server.

Show proof before talking trash.


#FreeRavens we did nothing wrong.
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 I stand with Ravens


well, honestly I'm on neither admins of TR or on the ones that blacklisted them's sides

I will tell you what i saw

yes, it's true, they refused to ban P4P4 (well some of them, specifically [F2]Harold and Enf) and even banned me for insulting P4P4's mom and shit just so that they could let him play in the server

when the other admins came, he eventually got kicked and banned

I disagree with this, because either if he plays with hacks, either if he crashes - same thing, nobody can play the server freely

I have concrete proof of him cheating in The Ravens server and admins not taking action about it.

I guess if this changed, the server should be removed from blacklist, otherwise they deserve their fate...

however I don't think nor harold or enforcer are anyhow related to hack spreading (not that I know at least), but that doesn't mean hackers should be allowed to play so that "the server doesn't get crashed"

and one more thing, if in nearest future I see P4P4 or Good123 unbanned in ANY servers of vcmp and free to play, that means staff are really biggest fucking idiots and they wouldn't deserve to get an upperhand over the cheaters

once they started this, they signed their own destiny, and that is there is no way they could ever play VCMP again, they shouldn't be welcome in any servers under NO CONDITIONS.

in past I did team befriend wrong people to do some dirty work for EC, which wasn't worth it at all, only the fun memories and the chat trolling, but what I know is that hackers have no permanent place in VCMP's world, on the contrary, they should be most discouraged and insulted people ingame (well, that should mostly apply to the ones that use servers crashers)


do you really think Kewun has a hard time crashing RTV?
it's obvious, =SpitFire=, known accomplice of kewun and his puppets is telling them to don't do so, but that is being kept secret

some RTV admins maybe even thinking that server is safe and host is fine, but that i don't think it is? how so lol

it's most likely that SpitFire is involved into talking with kewun and p4p4 to don't crash RTV so that they have one of highest playercounts in the game

so if you really did decide  to ban The ravens from masterlist, I guess same punishment should go to RTV as well if it turns out to be true. (although i strongly believe it fucking is, since one of aimbot and hacks contributor is admin there and he doesn't want the server to go on the down low)

rot that in mind


I also would like to answer the last accuse of player farming that server was ddosed at night.
here's proof:



they got 38 players, they are also with kewun? even they are using fake accounts


Well, if Kewun was using, basically misusing your server's name why didn't you ask him not to. Or why didn't you report that to beta testers or AdTec? I don' think you did... And yes, we added fake accounts to VFS because Kewun is not able to crash the server, so to tease him we joined with fake accounts. And we even quit from those accounts in under 15 minutes.