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Title: [not-a-bug] 2 custom generic.txd instead of one
Post by: Sebastian on April 11th, 2021, 02:57 PM
This is not a bug, but it worths a mention.

So, if we want to use a custom generic.txd instead of VC's default, we can just place our "generic.txd" inside /store/maps/
But, if we gonna load custom objects which use generic.txd as a texture pack, we must place another copy of it inside /store/, so we end up having 2 exact same files, but in different locations... so more data to download.

It would be better to have it only once, and do both jobs.

PS: I also suggest a way for our /store/objects/.xmls to be able to load the default generic.txd, if there is no custom one, so custom objects will fit perfectly no matter what textures a player uses.