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From what I know,  you cannot change colors there. At least not from the squirrel plugin.
VC:MP supports only the default Vice City weapons, and their default behavior.
Wep animations or tuning parts are not
Just implemented this in #TomorrowLand today. Seems to work just fine so far.  :)
Thank you!
Snippet Showroom / Re: Player Vertical Angle
May 31, 2023, 04:55 AM
Looks promising. Good job!
Would be awesome to have one for cars too
Seems like there is a hardware failure. :/ It will be back at some point.
Same happens to the littlewhitey's server.
Quote from: Yuriitwo on Mar 16, 2023, 01:47 AMI am researching a nice place in GTA SA to be added in VCMP, and I plan to make something more elaborate like Angel Pine.

Looking forward for this.
Now you just left us all think about what place we would like to see :D
Wow, long time no see a speedometer being released for public.
Can you show us a photo/video?
Community Plugins / Re: Anti-Cheat Plugin
Mar 09, 2023, 07:37 PM
I have no words: how many anti-cheats were ever released for VC:MP, haha? I guess none.
Guess the anticheat by devs was good enough, but nothing can be perfect and everything can be improved, right?
As we can see just through your work right here.
Good job, Kelvin! And besides this release, let me tell you that you are a great guy!
I've left my opinion about this masterpiece on Discord, when teasers were done.
Angel Pine always looked like a peaceful and enjoyable village to drive around, so cannot be anything but happy for seeing it around :D

@Yuriitwo really cool signature man!

SMF back in town, hehe. Feels good
Quote from: habi on Jan 14, 2023, 12:44 PMThanks Chicken. However, there is no way to save player slots.

Npcs can be hidden from the VCMP Browser. see here

This is truly cool! Now server owners cannot be accused for faking players count anymore :o
Yes, finally is back, thanks to VRocker and AdTec
Hahaa, this is quite cool to see in vcmp!
Good job, Yuriitwo!
Script Showroom / Re: npc attack-script
Dec 25, 2022, 11:34 AM
This can be very useful to beginners!
Good release!
Quick fix! Thank you habi!
I have faced a similar behavior when setting a rolling animation to the npc.
Basically,  the npc doesn't update position if the animation actually features movement.

Just mentioning it here,  maybe there will be some fix for it.  In my case,  I am updating pos manually,  as a work around.

As for your case,  I think we need some state which will let server know when a npc is getting inside car,  to update it's position. But it's tricky,  because if (behind the scenes)  npc becomes the owner of vehicle,  and sync will be sent from it's point of view only,  there will actually never be syncs sent.