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General Discussion / EYE Tournament IV
Dec 01, 2017, 06:57 PM

A new sequel of EYE Tournament, the most classic DMing event that any server has ever hosted, is now here. Extreme Addicts staff & owners introduce the 4th season of EYE Tournament 2017!

For those who are newcomers, as a tradition from EA server since the early times in VC:MP, we launch basic but adapted 1 v 1 duel format within the most known and deadly DMers in the community, in a square arena, organized by different stages and groups. Here there is a timeline from the very first champion to the actual:

  • Fighters Registration:  You can find the requirements and fighters thread to be considered as participant, and here you can submit a brief application to join EYE 4. The initial draw will contain 32 players that we may increase or not depending on the event's success. Applicants who have been caught as suspect/hacking/related in previous events will be denied.
  • Staff Applications:  You can submit a staff application here. EYE 4 staff members are composed of referees, admins, and head managers. Where applicants would be only accepted as referees or admin, depending on the event's needs.
  • Rules:  General rules topic can be found here. This thread contains allowed weapons, allowed fighting styles, number of rounds and score criteria, fairplay and punishments items.
  • The Prize:  The champion and 2nd finalist will be having a very important prize that won't yet reveal. We only ensure that you will enjoy the Prize not only in Extreme Addicts but also in other servers!
  • Event Launching and Registration Deadline:  You can start applying today for both staff and fighters spot as the event is officially announced. Fighters will have a period of 7 days (a week) to apply since now. This doesn't mean that we can't make exceptions and replacements after that date.

Of course EYE IV is going to be hosted in Extreme-Addicts Server as previously, so we invite you to participate on this new season that we expect to be awesome and fun as usual! Please visit Extreme-Addicts forum for more elaborated information and details.
Extreme Addicts Vice City Multiplayer Server

Server Information:

  • IP:
  • Slots: 100
  • Host: VRocker-Hosting (Europe Server)
  • Server Gamemode: TDM/Freeroam. Server Script: EA v3.1 (SqMod, MySQL).
  • IRC Echo Channel: #extreme-addicts.echo (LUNet)
  • Server website:

    Extreme Addicts is a GTA Vice City Multiplayer Server founded in 2010 by Castagna and later co-owned by Tato.

    This server community and its legacy has grown along this years holding from experienced players to newcomers, providing fun, interaction between all-around-world players, team-work, and epic wars between skilled players from different generations.

    • An Official Server:
    Not much later after EA server first appearance in VC-MP scene, it has been nominated as official out of a big number of servers online. It has the backing and support of the VC-MP development team and beta testers.

    • Moderated and Administrated 24/7:
    We have covered both in-game and website administration by a great group of admins. This community supports the idea of accepting new members into the team by public staff applications.

    • The Gamemode:
    Extreme Addicts Server has always focused on bringing unique and innovative features into all the gamemodes and scripts we have offered. Being a mix between Freeroam and TDM (Team Death Match) server, you will be free to roam the city streets, have a head-to-head duel, or interect between team/clans in a war!

    • Community:
    We don't really care if you're new or not enough experienced. Everyone will be welcome here! EA server has always been one place for both newcomers and veteran players, we encourage everyone to have fun the way they feel respecting the rules.

    • Join The Server Now!
    What are you waiting for? It's time you get introduced into the Addiction! This server is 24/7 online hosted by VRocker-Hosting company in Europe.


    As a christmas present that has been developed from all over 2016 to the latest months, we are launching the first beta version script of Extreme Addicts!

    Not as much as we expected honestly, sooner or later, with my coding partner Kirollos, we managed to accomplish a project which of course it's not done nor finished yet, this is just the beginning.

    We will be opening this weekend, scratching christmas eve, we hope to see you triggering m4 and stubbys around the battle or having fun challenging your friends in a 1 v 1! The server is going to be unlocked this Saturday 24th December at 10:00 (GTM 0) to the public.

    Extreme Addicts v2.0 it is a new script that has been made from the scratch, brining the same old TDM concept we had been holding in our legacy, mixed up with certain RPG elements, and everything else that VC:MP 0.4 offers to server owners to push creativity to its boundaries, in order to combine: fun, newbie/veteran players integration, clan and crews teamwork, and addiction.

    From the ability to build a group of friends, clan-mates or allies that are called Crews that are in a constant fight to dominate territories at Vice City, to the chance of challenge someone in a 1 vs 1 or joining the battle arena in case you want to try a classic. Want to have some quiet time? Take a walk around the mall if you're looking for unsual stuff, custom skins, illegal weapons, or fast food shops to regain your health bar. Owning your first vehicle or purchasing expensive houses around Starfish Island, you choose how to spend the money you managed to earn at Extreme Addicts!

    I would like to hightlight that this is a beta script version from EA v2.0, and many of the heavy features that were planned are not included yet. Besides the server has been tested by developers and staff members, bugs and other unknown failures are expected, so we kindly ask everyone who is willing to help us with reports and notifications to us. Regarding the heavy features, once this beta stage is completed, we are going to implement the rest of the ideas to reach a full version status.

    Massive kudos to my fellows staff members who had shown me a huge mean of loyality and support with private testing sessions and other kind of collaborations. Thanks PunkNoodle, Aaron, Hipnos, SaHiL, Tarkan, Kelvin, Knuckles, Milko!

    Hope you addicts enjoy the server back again, looking forward to see the old regulars and community members roaming the EA streets!

    Visit our website at

    Thanks and see you soon  8)


    Forum fully available for public posting. Admin applications have been re-opened again.


    After practically a year of planning, brainstorming, and effort to bring back this community, we are very anxious to announce that Extreme Addicts will be launched officially this weekend 3/10/15 (Saturday - GTM 0 12:00 p.m).
    We will offer a brand new development team and staff, server platform, restyled, and innovated according on what VC:MP 0.4 features tender, in order to give a dynamic way of TDMing besides of the classic gamemodes you could have ever played.

    As a new way to include every player into the server atmosphere, whether they belong or not to a clan, EA introduces The Crews which is one of the hardcore features of this new server version, where players will be able to create such groups, and later on, compete each other to gain/take over 11 Territories all around Vice City. Nevertheless, EAnut v1.0 goes even beyond that. EA has expanded its horizons to include RPG and Freeroam elements as The Spots which are basically separated worlds from the main server hotspot, Stunting Spots & Social Spots.

    From the classic and old features like Battle Mode, EMS, XPs, to custom vehicles such as Ferraris and Rustlers available for EA Club members, achievements to be unlocked, and even more to come upon...

    We advise you stay in touch with EA's new website which is going to be unlocked soon, also stick around IRC @LUNet #extreme-addicts.echo, and add this IP to your favs tab.

    Hope to see some newcomers roaming around the EA streets from this weekend  :)

    And welcome back to the Addiction!