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General Discussion / banned on littlewhiteys
Dec 25, 2021, 02:22 PM
i was banned on littlewhiteys and i just think that this is unfair if they are gonna give people bans for months and months
im not saying that i didnt hack but its just not right i think people are taking this too far its just a game i dont know why
admins and others are banning over every little thing i mean why not a few day ban a 30 day ban is so excessive.

i understand punishing rule breakers but this isnt right ive been banned before in some servers a long time ago
but it wasnt for 30 days i mean if vice city multiplayer servers keep banning people for this long your servers
are gonna be empty it just makes me not wanna play.

i was being bullied in the discord when i was talking about this telling me to shut the fuck up
its like its just a game dude calm down why do people get so upset i said that im sorry.

the people who run these servers are policing this game too hard.
Everytime i try to join the server it crashes saying version conflict if i join other servers it will let me its just little whiteys
i got a different vcmp launcher but both of them wont let me connect i got 04rel006 but it still wont let me connect ive tried to update the updater url with but it still wont update.

Does anyone got a download link with like gta vice city and the multiplayer mod maybe if i download it from another source it will work i dont know i downloaded the game from steam unlocked i think it was version 1.2 so i down graded it to 1.0 but every other server works its just littlewhiteys.

Another person suggested deleting the dinput8.dll but in my game its already deleted.

I dont know what to do please help