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ok, so from my experience so far with the bugs:
1) fps drops everywhere, no matter the server, no matter the hardware, every player is complaining about stutters and fps drops
2) ghost shots are gone, good work on that, but however i can still hear the bullet sound whenever a ghost shot was supposed to be produced, for example when a player holds fire and jumps, i still can hear the shotgun sfx
3) there's a slight warp whenever a player just randomly moves around, this means there's a mistake on the foot sync if i'm correct
4) the best way to make a player warp is glitch notoriously, so that's one more pointer to look at, related to the foot sync
5) whenever a player spams shotgun, the bug that I reported still appears but in a different manner: the shotgun fire sfx doesn't play anymore after 1st shot was fired, the shots do sync however, and by the way the anim doesn't restore completely, and there's warp produced - so get this "fix" removed please

however the bullets do sync way better in 0.4.7 than in any version, and thats a cool thing

my suggestions:
- remove the bug fix for "spamming shots - shotguns get jammed bug" that I reported, it can easily be done by server script, and it will look way better by just messing with reload values rather than adding a fake shot (KoTH for example did a great job fixing this bug, there's no need to further push the VCMP engine with this when a server owner can decide whether he wants this feature or not - and tbh it's useless without the warp, once warp will be removed, every player should be able to react to those spam bullet shots)

- allow up to 255 colors for vehicles (like in original VC game) if possible, some guy tipped me off on discord and asked me to post this as a suggestion since I'm creating this topic..
this is the quote straight from him:
Quoteto be clear there are no "lost colors"
vc default colors are in 0-99
100-199 are custom colors (normally they're blank in vc)
200-255 is possible but locked in vcmp (they're also blank in vc)

the rest is all up to you, I am really not a scripter to know the best way to fix foot sync warp or whatever else is in there, so I guess I'm relying on Adtec with this, I really got no clue, I just told you what players will prefer to be done about the shotguns reload(like I said, eventually completely remove this, it's a very messy feature)
Servers / Re: [0.4]Vice City Deathmatch
Jul 08, 2024, 06:53 PM
hi Adtec, hunting here, with some information you would consider useful:

1) my friend tried to move VKs to 0.4.7, but there's like minus 10-15 fps compared to regular gameplay (constant 40-45 fps), there's game stutters every 5 seconds and it is working fine on the 006_2 version

2) the DM is a TOTAL mess, players sliding everywhere, and despite the good sync of bullets, there's a bug that's produced when a player glitches too much - he warps all around your screen just like in 0.3z

here's what I noticed about DM:
- you managed to get shotguns multiple fire to sync, that's nice, but it's not done properly - you should've changed weapon's reload values in weapon.dat file, there's some public server values, many servers use them, you shouldn't have done it VCMP-wise, you should instead have let servers use their own preferences OR you should've forced the reload value to be faster so that when player is about to fire the second/3rd shot, his anim will restore.. instead, what was done: you made a "fake shot" come out to sync the real one, you also can't hear the audio of shotgun playing when that happens, and it's VERY confusing to fight against

- what I talked about above probably is the thing which messes with players' animations, if you keep bashing crouch button, you'll be seen in a total warp, so despite the good sync effort(which was apparently done very well), the animations are remaining bugged and you're led in a TOTAL confusion, right now in DM world of vcmp, who fires first will win, because the other player has no actual way of reading what is going on

those are the issues we've encountered in XE and BRL while beta testing, a friend of mine also pointed my sliding in EA server, and by the way - apparently the warp bug also works with M4, which is an even BIGGER issue

my suggestion about DM is to leave shotgun reload as it was before, let it be a servers preference rather than a forced thing in VCMP, it is also a way to identify the hackers who are playing in a server which doesn't allow this to happen, because apparently if you modify it from VCMP side, it becomes a lot bugged and it creates the fake warp which is very unpredictable in DM world, in KoTH for example this feature was working properly and no slide was being made

hope you'll fix this eventually, til then I guess I'll stick to playing 006 unfortunately
Off-Topic General / [R3V]Lau gets repa
Dec 26, 2022, 10:41 PM

thx to Mikirat for suggestion to post here


sure, he can't crash it

now you believe these idiots are not getting crashed just cuz spitfire talking for them? if not, we'll see more about this soon
Quote from: Spiller on Oct 31, 2021, 04:22 AM
Quote from: HunTinGwith no grudges held i can say this..

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how is this behaviour accepted & I'm asking again who gave these people authority of administrating community bans / choose which servers to get blacklisted???

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