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Snippet Showroom / [ CMD ] Re: Animations' Pack !
« on September 29th, 09:07 AM »
Quote from Sebastian on September 29th, 08:46 AM
Quote from Alecu Madalin on September 29th, 08:27 AM
i've seen the same script from:

anyway good job
You realize sseebbyy is me, right ?
LoL ;D
Snippet Showroom / [BINDKEY] Re: + [TESTED] Basic Vehicle Fix + gotoloc's
« on August 1st, 05:58 AM »
Nice Work!
Snippet Showroom / [VC:MP] Re: Basic GTA VC Cheats
« on July 29th, 06:03 PM »
I love your snippet.. :)
Scripting and Server Management / Re: GUI 3D Elements
« on July 26th, 04:10 PM »
Quote from Athanatos on July 24th, 06:14 PM
Quote from =RK=MarineForce on May 16th, 12:19 AM
All bumping no one is helping.
You are doing the same thing.
what about you know 8) ???
Servers / Re: Viceland v5.5
« on July 16th, 01:15 PM »
Quote from San on February 12th, 08:47 PM

Server Information

IP address:

Version: v5.5

Gamemode: Freeroam | Deathmatch (DM) | Mapping | Jobs & Gangs

Founder: Kiki Given all authorities to San. Given to me on Jan 1st 2019



Additional Proof of given to me:

Regards, San
He Gave you a New Year Gift! Congo! :P
Quote from ibee_19 on July 16th, 01:07 PM
Oh sorry for that mistake, Thanks for correcting me brother :)
Post removed! so no-one can see the secret hidden in it :P
Servers / [0.4] Re: Argonath RPG 3.0
« on July 16th, 08:17 AM »
Hmm, I have been playing on this server since 2018 & I like to play on Argonath RPG, One of the most famous and most respected server in VC:MP.
Congratulations on 100 Posts.. O0
Quote from KaKaChi^ on July 13th, 07:16 PM
Not work
Kakachi, Use a translator please do you even know what the heck we are saying? Secondly, Every script given above should work..
Support / Re: Immediately disconnected from server
« on July 12th, 10:33 AM »
Quote from in01am24 on July 12th, 05:50 AM
Hello. I only just installed VCMP a while ago. Whenever I join a server, I am connected for a few seconds before being notified that I have been kicked. I don't know what exactly could be causing this, I'd appreciate any help.
maybe you forgot to set up the 'tools>settings' MAYBE, I am not sure.
Clans and Families / Re: KK - KingsKillers
« on July 10th, 06:10 PM »
Quote from KaKaChi^ on July 10th, 10:51 AM
Name Of Clan. Kings Killers
Main Tag. =KK= [KK] KK.
Other Tags. =KKt= [KKt] KKt.
Forum Of Clan.
Discord Server Of Clan.
Country. Any

******************** Clan Member List ********************

********** Founder **********
=KK=KaKaChi^ (Active)
********** Leader **********
Sasuke[KK] (Active)
=KK=AJDAR^ (Active)
********** Co-Leader **********
=KK=DR.B (Active)
********** Full member **********
=KK=Samaka^ (Active)
********** Trainee member **********
Good Luck!
You can make this topic much much more better
Quote from KrooB on July 10th, 01:17 PM
First of all good job. But you have to add level system to work medium level.
Hmm, The Medium level requires a Account System. There is LeveL system in every account system and 'setlevel' command is already added which is used to change the levels. ;) & Thank you!
Quote from Xmair on June 23rd, 12:45 PM
I've noticed a lot of people using the standard flip command which always changes the vehicle's direction to North. I was playing with rotations today and was able to make a somewhat better command that actually flips your vehicle in the direction it was, without changing it's direction to North all the time.

The code has been moved to pastebin for indentation's sake.
Code: [Select]
Nice work!
Quote from Saiyan Attack on July 10th, 03:26 AM
The Index 'stats' does not exist
You should try this on 'function onPlayerJoin( player )'

Code: [Select]
stats[ player.ID ] = PlayerClass();

If this doesn't work then you can change 'stats' to 'status' everywhere where it exists.

There are 3 Levels of This Admin System, Basic/Medium/Advanced. The commands are little bit similar but in every update there are more commands as in this version. I am going to provide you the official script of the Admin System which is Tested & Working, I hope you like these snippets & show some good response. If you find any bug or error in the script, Then you can contact me via Discord or PM, Discord is given at the end.

Basic Level, I had already released this version but it was not that much Advanced. So I decided to remake this basic Level (Kinda Similar to the old one),The Script is given below in the "Download Now" Field. Download it and enjoy the basic admins system, I hope you like this ???, it contains field like ( player.Name=="Name Goes Here" ). So, you need to edit this and add your name to those fields. It is like a beginner admin system.

This is the second level for this admin system and it has many characteristics, You will love this type of admin System. it contains ( stats[player.ID].Level => 2), You must have a account system to use this Level, It is updated and It has many more commands then the old one, If I did something wrong in the making of these commands..I hope you also like this snippet of Admins Level. By the way it is a bit advanced so you can call it Medium Level.

Coming Soon!!

Changelogs v1.0 --->
  • Added More Commands.
  • Fixed Some Bugs.
  • Added Level System.
Changelogs v2.0 --->
  • Increased the number of commands.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Added Auto Kick Function on High Ping & FPS.
  • Functions & Responses were improved.