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@Thijn I'm talking about the vehicles. Custom RGB in classes are working like a charm.
In addition to Murdock's list I would like to attach a few bugs client and plugin related:

(highlighted the most urgent and critical requests)

  • Objects added via AddObject aren't not being shown in spawn-screen.
  • Sphere radius < 2 won't work
  • Using custom RGB color classes via server.conf makes disappear all the vehicles for no reason
  • Either -1 and 255 aren't applying FFA/DM classes via server.conf.
You should ask Crys whether he is releasing/updating a new version of his module.
player.SetCameraPos( Vector pos, Vector look );
Vector pos/look are vectors itself. Syntax: Vector( float/integer.X, float/integer.Y, float/integer.Z)


(just defined the arguments as locals to make it look simple)

local vector1 = Vector ( 1000, -1000, 5000 ), vector2 = Vector ( 3000, -250, 1000 );

player.SetCameraPos( vector1, vector2 );

This is pretty much similar to the spawn-camera settings, as there's a position and look vector. Note that the values i put in this example  were not tested.
Support / Re: I can join VC:MP
Jan 01, 2015, 10:49 PM
Steam VC is version 1.1, althought VC:MP 0.4 supports both 1.0/1.1, the outdated R2 0.3z version works with non-steam VC versions (1.0).

You can try downgrading your v1.1 to v1.0 with this patch
Indeed this thread has been discussed multiple times and it ended up in the same answer. This project is nearly completed and no one else should join or get involved besides the current developers who had re-written 0.4, and who are familiar with their own code. I belive you're not the only who wants to get on with a project.

Whether we need help or not, maxorator or stormeus might look for it, so anyhow, this kind of threads are repetitive and obvious, so just try not to bring this topic back to discussion.

Quote from: Honey on Dec 29, 2014, 06:40 AMI think we can contribute by patience :P

General Discussion / Re: Release ?
Nov 30, 2014, 04:24 PM
Quote from: Gudio on Nov 30, 2014, 01:37 PMDisabling 0.3 masterlist will result in that it won't be possible to see announced servers in servers tab, but everyone is and will always feel free to add servers to favourites list.
0.3 will not be dead. I also know someone can write his own servers list and edit URL in current browsers like default or VRocker's, thus 0.3 will be alive.

Thijn, I noticed more servers like 7 or 8 and half of them are unique. They sometimes disappear from masterlist. Anyway, you as a beta tester, or especially Castagna who afaik has been invited to script servers, we are unable to see unique servers which we ever can imagine in 0.4.
Maxorator absence doesn't forbid you to do official servers.

Although i wasn't invited just to make gamemodes, those were meant to be scripted in order to test the squirrel plugin mainly back in 2012/2013, when the squirrel plugin was in a beta stage and unstable, not anymore. The fact that servers/plugins were released to the public now, means we're giving the ability to the whole community to make/convert/experiment their own servers.

If you are unable to see unique servers that's no up to me or either the VC:MP team, you're mistaken. Neither you, Thijn nor me can push or force server owners to write and update 0.4 servers. Official and popular servers are being developed if that's your concern, and having a brand new platform and new features takes a time to plan the gamemode structure and the scripting itself.

This stage aims exclusively to R2 server owners, whether they own big or small, popular and unpopular server communities. This is the right moment to develop their outdated scripts. You can't claim to see the entire R2 servers scenario in 0.4 from one day to another, so yeah, a matter of time.
General Discussion / Re: Release ?
Nov 28, 2014, 08:07 PM
As soon as stormeus/maxorator come back from their mini-inactivity, R2 masterlist should be removed and replaced with VC-MP 0.4.