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General Discussion / player move
« on September 17th, 06:13 PM »
Can we move a player using bindkeys?
What would be the function
General Discussion / car shade
« on September 17th, 01:37 PM »
hellow everyone can we implement car sahde below of a car like neons?
Support / Ann/MSG in a world
« on September 9th, 07:42 PM »
Hi everyone does anyone know how to announe or message everyone in a specific world for example

I want to announce or display a message to everyone in world 2, but it should not be displayed in world 1
Support / custom vehicle sound
« on August 26th, 07:20 PM »
How to have a custom vehicle sound means if ur in a sports car so that car can have a sound of a sportscar but not sound of vc default cars can we have something like sound.wav

If yes then how cuz ive never tried it, except just once heard the lw has it omehow
Scripting and Server Management / help with sell_exec
« on August 26th, 06:19 AM »
so how do i
Code: [Select]
set_time_limit(5000); //5 sec


Code: [Select]
$test = shell_exec("test.bat");
echo $test."</br>";

so far i tried this (and even more then this but failed) the script executes like forever keeps on loading loading....up to max execution timeout maybe it was 300 oh forget it

here what i did

Code: [Select]
$test shell_exec("test.bat");
"<font color='white'>i am a test";

dont reply to this topic until you dont know about php (so i call out every php user to solve my mess out pls)
Scripting and Server Management / help objects bumps
« on August 13th, 07:52 PM »
Code: [Select]
objDerby <- null;
objDerby = CreateObject(374,22,Vector(-1479.5, 756.663, -8.2715),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);

objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1369.2, 835.432, 56.9949),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1310.09, 833.648, 55.2657),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1449.49, 837.678, 57.0867),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1460.24, 930.771, 56.7762),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(-2.62526, -2.81225, -1.39358),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1462.69, 1002.8, 61.2877),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1377.89, 999.987, 60.4809),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1314.96, 1000.45, 56.1717),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1300.89, 919.676, 57.4026),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1431.77, 957.874, 52.6764),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1391.17, 895.938, 42.6071),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1351.47, 962.376, 51.7883),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1483.86, 854.105, 54.0395),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);
objDerby = CreateObject(374,21,Vector(-1490.36, 969.222, 57.7449),255);
objDerby.RotateToEuler(Vector(0, 0, 0),1);

objDerby.TrackingBumps = true;

i have many obejcts to bump objects is actually one but vectors are different so how to bump them
hello i want to spawn a random vehicle using a cmd

for example using /car i get any vehicle not using FindVehicle(anyidgoeshere)

like if my server even doesnt contain a packer so it spawn a packer for me

like also createvehicle(randomly)
Off-Topic General / what do these mean?
« on August 8th, 03:11 PM »
I have seen many scripters using this :: Before using some codes like
Code: [Select]
so what do these mean?, do? Are neccessary or not?
Scripting and Server Management / help with PutPlayerToVeh
« on August 8th, 11:46 AM »
ik that function doesnt exits  PutPlayerToVeh but it ws in like pawno 0.3 vcmp

so as the topic makes it familiar, how do u put a player directly to a vehicle
like my question is like if a take a pickup or soething or even do a cmd
so how will be a player directly siting in a vehicle?

example : /bike ---> // so the player sits in a bike or u can say that the player is put in to the bike directly

so any example or snippets on this question

Scripting and Server Management / help with 3Dlabel
« on August 2nd, 05:08 PM »
hi everyone i have asked this question almost idk many time probably

my question wass how do i set distance for these 3d labels like samp when u reach it near it displays otherwise when u move away it stops displaying

but how do i we set that distance thing to it, anyone pls

as the topis says how can i load up a custm font

Code: [Select]

and this in store/scripts/main.nut

Code: [Select]
Label.FontName = "pricedown.ttf";

am i doing it wrong??
Scripting and Server Management / help with Custom thingy
« on August 1st, 09:42 AM »
ok hello comunity, first of all whats that called

secondly how is it made?

is it an object from within the game and then modified or something else, i use to play samp they have it there but this in a vcmp server i found it quite interesting best of luch to that server owner... so how do we make this?
Vehicle Showroom / Cuban Exhaust
« on July 25th, 09:02 AM »
I made this XML bcz someone asked it here

Content Type: Vehicle
Original Author: UGURBURAK
Source Link: link to car [xml is mine!]
Modifications:: just Created XML Files
Modified By: MEGAMIND
Authorized By Original Author?: (Couldn't get in touch with him!)
Content Screenshots: ...


so its virus free Virustotal

Note:- if u do need that kind of exhaust in this post u will have to modify ur particle.txd
Support / onObjectBump
« on July 25th, 08:28 AM »
umm this doesnt work
Code: [Select]
fobject <- CreateObject(353, 1, -1709.27, -268.655, 14.8683,255);
fobject.TrackingBumps = true;

function onObjectBump( object, player )
MessagePlayer("You've bumped in to object id: "+object,player);
Scripting and Server Management / Custom radio staions
« on July 23rd, 12:44 PM »
I found many according to this question

1.Custom radio staions?
2.Host for gta radios

so here i am with a little knowledge about this stuff, which may or maynot be helpfull for few

ok so without any further discussion here u go

first make  a new folder and rename it as radio (or whatever) now major part is this u would have to make a file named as listen.pls here the listen.pls will contain ur streaming files ok so lets built a listen.pls as i said before creat a filenamed as listen.pls (using note pad.txt rename it as listen.pls) now edit it/ open it and do this kindly donot modify until u have the complete knowledge of these stuff for ur own custom radio station (where u would like to upload ur own songs which will loop out)

the url below are hosted so u can put ur own url instead of mine

so to actually make it run u have to do this [playlist] -> which will tell the host and file that these are the below shits which are required to run
file 1: -> is the path of ur radio
title 1:- the titlle of ur radio to  broadcast
lenght1=-1 // eh idk much about it but it was said to be -1 default in an article
numberofenteries // define that how much files have u addded to it 2 3 or 1
version: // leave it as default 2

Code: [Select]
Title1=WEBNET RADIO English #1

Title2=WEBNET RADIO English #2


ok now for the real stations we do this

Code: [Select]
Title1=WEBNET RADIO Hollywood #1

Title2=WEBNET RADIO Hollywood #2


now make a newfolder in the same directory and rename it as stream, within the stream obviously many of u have ur own taste of songs so make subfoldders like h for hollywood songs, b for bollywood ,gta for gta radios etc etc and then add ur songs.mp3 to those folders now all u  need is an html hosting service which is netlify ofc one of the best ik yet or u can start ur own host if u have a vps

still having issues discord me MEGAMIND#8033 or u can find me on vcmp discord channel too

if u wanna know what does tunein-station.pls is so its simple its a radio station url forwarded by a company to an ip
which livecasts and then other teams comeup on same ip to livecast or braodcast there show and it continues....

so what do they have inside tunein-station.pls? they ahve something like this

Code: [Select]
Title1=(#1 - 30/250) AMW HIPHOP | Amsterdams Most Wanted UNDERGROUND HIPHOP | HD stream

now where to host ir i already told u that either use locahost xampp software and portforward it

or use other hosting sites there are many free sites available out there especaily html based