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Support / weapons are not readable
« on July 15th, 01:18 PM »
i just made the poly the rest of it is XMAIRS wep system probably idk

so what the problem, its not reading some of the weps name

Code: [Select]
else if ( cmd == "wep" )
 if (!text) MessagePlayer("/wep <Wep Name>", player);
 local Pos = player.Pos, checkpoly;
 checkpoly = InPoly( Pos.x, Pos.y, -682.612488, 1201.854736,  -682.759827, 1208.136597, -666.613953, 1211.414185,  -666.614258, 1202.456909);
 local wep = GetWeaponName(GetWeaponID(text));
 if( checkpoly == false ) MessagePlayer("You need to be at the ammunation shop in Downtown to buy weapons!", player);
 else if (wep == "M60")
 if ( player.Cash <= 49999) MessagePlayer("You need to have atleast 50000$!", player);
 MessagePlayer("Successfully Received An [#ffffff]"+wep+"", player);
 else if (wep == "M4")
 if ( player.Cash <= 49999) MessagePlayer("You need to have atleast 50000$!", player);
 MessagePlayer("Successfully Received An [#ffffff]"+wep+"", player);
 else if ((wep == "Ruger")||(wep == "ruger"))
 if ( player.Cash <= 49999) MessagePlayer("You need to have atleast 50000$!", player);
 MessagePlayer("Successfully Received An [#ffffff]"+wep+"", player);
 else if (wep == "MP5")
 if ( player.Cash <= 49999) MessagePlayer("You need to have atleast 50000$!", player);
 MessagePlayer("Successfully Received An [#ffffff]"+wep+"", player);
 else if ((wep == "UZI")||(wep == "uzi"))
 if ( player.Cash <= 49999) MessagePlayer("You need to have atleast 50000$!", player);
 MessagePlayer("Successfully Received An [#ffffff]"+wep+"", player);
 else MessagePlayer("Sorry we don't have that type of model of the weapon "+text+" here.", player);

so i have checked it so far its not reading the wep uzi i also added a wep flamethrower but didnt read the too

any help would be appreciable
Support / Connect lw ( all server )
« on July 12th, 12:51 PM »
any respnse to this error in near future? , facing this issue since update rel04 uptil rel06
Off-Topic General / php signature
« on July 11th, 08:12 AM »
sup everyone how can we create a signature like thijns code
i have tried this but gives me errors when i solve thos errors then the image displays but with no text or kills etc..

Code: [Select]
$username "root";
$password "root1";
$db "vcmpdb";

// Create connection
$conn = new mysqli($servername$username$password$db);
// Check connection
if ($conn->connect_error) {
"Connection failed: " $conn->connect_error);
//echo "connection successfull";

//$acc = "SELECT Name, IP, Level, Kills, Deaths, Cash, Bank, Joins, nogoto, WonLms, RandSpawn FROM Account";

if ( isset( $_REQUEST['nick'] ) )
$im  imagecreatefrompng("Signature_Background.png") or die("Cannot Create new GD image");
$stats  imagecolorallocate($im255208240);
$nick  imagecolorallocate($im25543178);
$font imageloadfont"Font.gdf" );
$sql  'SELECT * FROM Account WHERE Name = \''.addslashes$_REQUEST['nick'] ).'\'';

header('Content-Type: image/png');

foreach ($db->query($sql) as $row)
imagestring($im$font10037$_REQUEST['nick'], $nick) or die("Cannot place Text");
imagestring($im$font38010$row['Kills'], $stats) or die("Cannot place Text");
imagestring($im$font38035$row['Deaths'], $stats) or die("Cannot place Text");
imagestring($im$font38060, ( ( ( $row$row['Kills'] ] > ) && ( $row$Fields['Deaths'] ] > ) ) ? round($row$Fields['Kills'] ] / $row$Fields['Deaths'] ],2) : ), $stats ) or die("Cannot place Text");

if someone wants to check the url so try here which is the output  @EK.IceFlake   @Doom_Kill3R and heres the input query
Support / Coonect php to server DB
« on July 8th, 08:32 AM »
like the topic says is there anyway to connect through web to server db?
Off-Topic General / fill in spaces
« on July 4th, 06:41 PM »
im facing an issue kindly help plz

Code: [Select]
system("start C:\\Users\\%username%\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Startup");

it says invalid path , which i guess it fails to open this path so how can i fill in blank spaces? like the one here

Code: [Select]
\\Start Menu\\
General Discussion / wep shoot disable
« on July 4th, 01:51 PM »
how can we disable weps in a world

ive tried this so far

Code: [Select]
else if ( cmd == "drift" )
 MessagePlayer( "*** Teleported To Drifting Arena..If You Want To Exit Type /leave ", player );
  player.IsWeaponSyncBlocked = false;
//also tried this           player.CanAttack = false;
  player.World = 9;

but none of them works i can still fire or attach in that world
General Discussion / how will ya
« on July 4th, 01:01 PM »
hey everyone how can we do a function that if a player join and he has an .asi file or any other external stuff running behind him
so how we will be able to kick him right when he joins?
General Discussion / Sky-city ?
« on June 30th, 12:47 PM »
is sky city really coming up (dream server ) :)
General Discussion / IRC admin
« on June 29th, 04:22 PM »
its been a long time or probably few years i havent touched irc so can i get some hints again that how would i make my self admin in irc

like if i say .hi so the text would display as [admin] username : sup ppl
General Discussion / is it UID?
« on June 28th, 07:13 PM »
hello i noticed something different from before

when i was in rel004 version, the gtavc.exe file had a name renamed as "VICE CITY MULTIPLAYER (GTA: vice city)"

& now when i join servers with rel006 version i see this
Code: [Select]
along with "VICE CITY MULTIPLAYER (GTA: vice city)"
this code displays when u hover over the running .exe file

so does anyone else has noticed this? if yes! then can somone tell be the complete detail that what does this code do and what benefits do we have with it

Support / rel006 issue client browser
« on June 28th, 05:29 PM »
hmmmm so...?

Support / rel006 issue
« on June 27th, 07:47 PM »
why do i get that all the time,im not able to join servers with rel006

i have os win 7 in which this problem occurs but not on windows 8.1

i have clean installed vc

Browser re-installed

Support / Browser keeps on updating
« on June 25th, 11:32 AM »
Browser keeps on updating everytime when i close it and reopen it to join some servers

Support / server log
« on June 25th, 07:24 AM »
how can we get a serverlog or chat log in form of .txt or .log?
Support / sW & sH
« on June 22nd, 07:36 PM »
a favour i just need some fixng with my code
Code: [Select]
sW <- GUI.GetScreenSize().X;
sH <- GUI.GetScreenSize().Y;

window = null

function Script::ScriptLoad()
downbar.window = GUIWindow(VectorScreen(0,777), VectorScreen(1400, 50), Colour(20, 20, 20, 400), "",GUI_FLAG_TEXT_TAGS);
how and where to add sH to a vector and sW

ik sw is width and x-axis of screen , and sh is height y-axis of screen but where do we actually addem