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Yes, finally is back, thanks to VRocker and AdTec
Hahaa, this is quite cool to see in vcmp!
Good job, Yuriitwo!
Script Showroom / Re: npc attack-script
Dec 25, 2022, 11:34 AM
This can be very useful to beginners!
Good release!
Quick fix! Thank you habi!
I have faced a similar behavior when setting a rolling animation to the npc.
Basically,  the npc doesn't update position if the animation actually features movement.

Just mentioning it here,  maybe there will be some fix for it.  In my case,  I am updating pos manually,  as a work around.

As for your case,  I think we need some state which will let server know when a npc is getting inside car,  to update it's position. But it's tricky,  because if (behind the scenes)  npc becomes the owner of vehicle,  and sync will be sent from it's point of view only,  there will actually never be syncs sent.
With your example code, I was finally able to make the npc shoot, which is satisfying!

though, I've realized that SetTimerEx doesn't work at all.
NPC Console opens and instantly closes.

PS: For who wants to see the NPC Console, use ShowNPCConsole() before connecting the npcs
Alright,  will test it this weekend
Thank you!
Quote from: rww on Dec 08, 2022, 04:52 PMI remember VCS map tests in 2015 on 0.3z R2 xD

Lol haha. Didn't know about that. Any video/screenshots? xD
Now, regarding the plugin.
I've done some tries now to get the npc shooting at me, but with not much success.
I've used the examples from wiki, for both Melee attack and Ruger attack, but none of them really worked...
Quote from: Waluta on Dec 07, 2022, 12:16 AMOnce @rww also transferred the vcs map to vcmp when we tested it, I remember that in some places in the middle of the road there were invisible walls and when driving normally we were crashing on them all the time XD

Yeah, remember something about that too :D

here is a short video I made while testing out the server
Pure Awesome!
This reminded me of the BOOMbastik Chunder Wheel of Daydream server :D

VCS map makes the VC map better looking.
Glad R* did it
Damn,  only if I would have checked this few hours ago.
Now I need to wait until tomorrow to join that server with demo mission,  haha.

Great job,  man!
All the effort you put into this is enormous,  and the new features sound great!
Glad to see the snow taking over the VCMP community :D
Wish the best! Happy winter!