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Off-Topic General / Re: VCMP Scripters - Discord
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Quote from MEGAMIND Yesterday at 06:03 PM
Quote from Athanatos Yesterday at 05:53 PM
The invite is again invalid.
Off-Topic General / Re: VCMP Scripters - Discord
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The invite is again invalid.
Script and Content Requests / Re: Pickup Sounds?
« on June 14th, 09:18 AM »
I think he means the original singleplayer sounds IDs.
General Discussion / Re: A server would be great if......
« on June 13th, 08:49 PM »
Quote from Pa1ge_Tv on June 13th, 04:05 PM
Quote from Athanatos on June 1st, 12:20 PM
I'm saying it again. 90 % of all admins in any game, any gameserver, forums are morons.
iam agree with you  look at here this server owner is a vu member [VU]Skimart KS
Ay, it was just an idea for the implementation of npcs :c .
Script Showroom / Re: Basic Admin System
« on June 5th, 07:24 PM »
Quote from AroliS^ on June 5th, 06:50 PM
Quote from Rardodus Bruise on June 5th, 05:56 AM
Quote from AroliS^ on May 31st, 02:19 AM
useless topic.....
Arolis? Don't you like other people? It is not for you people who are new can use this thanks for your freaking comment but thnx for letting me know that this is useless.. I think so you are useless aswell

Gabriel & Saiyan, You are true but it would help begginers getting started but I will update it thank your brother
Baby shark do do do do
Quote from Stormeus on June 4th, 08:39 PM
Quote from Athanatos on June 4th, 07:14 PM
If VCMP uses SCM functions
It doesn't, and either way you still need to synchronize the actor's state so running SCM on the client won't cut it.
Thanks for breaking my dreams to make missions for vc:mp :c . And ofc you should synchronize the actor's stuff, I have a somewhat experience in game developing, I didn't say that by using SCM , you would not need to sync the peds (that's pretty dumb to say that using scm opcodes will solve this problem).
Also let's don't forget the streaming. An easy way should be letting the server generate and calculate the AI behiavour (but since the server executable has no somewhat access to game's source, this is going to be a hard task that requires general changes to the VC:MP's code).
If VCMP uses SCM functions then there opcodes are enough for an NPC:
Code: [Select]
009A: $723 = create_actor_pedtype 4 model 95 at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
0187: [email protected] = create_marker_above_actor $2099
04F4: put_actor $2684 into_turret_on_object $714 at_object_offset -2.5 -1.996 4.179 position 0 shooting_angle 360.0 with_weapon 27  //Please add this for players too :)
0465: remove_actor $2493 from_turret_mode  //for players too pls xd
01C9: actor $2324 kill_actor $2291
01CA: actor $853 kill_player $PLAYER_CHAR
0321: kill_actor $2295
0211: actor $actor walk_to 204.3 -1288.7
0239: actor $1036 run_to 65.8 -1444.0
009B: destroy_actor_instantly $853
034F: destroy_actor_with_fade $1037 // The actor fades away like a ghost
00A1: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR at 482.2 -69.9 9.9
0362: put_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR at 136.457 -817.37 9.44 and_remove_from_car
01D4: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR go_to_car [email protected] and_enter_it_as_a_passenger
01D5: actor [email protected] go_to_and_drive_car [email protected]
00A7: car [email protected] drive_to 103.1 -832.3 9.317
With the current tools we can just make an big array with the game node's extracted from the game data files, and then we* can try implementing some sort of algorithm that functions like an AI.

The kind of AI in games is 'weak AI' . A set of conditions and events, That's it. 'Weak' AI is absolute garbage to the 'Powerfull' nowadays AI used in high-tech robots.
Servers / [0.4] Re: RealLife Roleplay [Best RPG Server]
« on June 4th, 06:24 PM »
Quote from Shahri on April 5th, 2018, 01:21 PM
Haters gone hate xd try to make something by yourself noobs then talk dicks
I always wanted to say 'fuck off' to you for this message.
Script Showroom / Re: Basic Admin Commands Script
« on June 4th, 04:47 PM »
Quote from Sonmez on June 4th, 10:02 AM
Code: [Select]
if (player.Name == "ADMINS NAME")
function onAdminCommand( player, cmd, text );}
Do you even test your code?
You can define the city nodes, and give them as input data to the AI. You can next use some mort of algoritm like the A* , Pathfinder, calculating the node shortest way with some backtracking, etc.

I said that many times but not here: Programming is not about writing code, it is about solving problems.

The problem with the newbie scripters is that they don't think 'like a programmer'. Knowing syntax isn't enough for programming (but you need to know how to write proper code), critical and abstract thinking is.
Script Showroom / [OLD] Re: Zombie survival 0.1 by Athanatos
« on June 2nd, 03:23 PM »
Locking thread as this is an outdated release.
Script Showroom / Re: Zombie Survival 0.2
« on June 2nd, 01:18 PM »