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General Discussion / Re: connection server failed
« on November 3rd, 09:42 AM »
Quote from Luis_Labarca on November 3rd, 05:52 AM
Quote from umar4911 on November 3rd, 05:33 AM
Pictures not loading
click in pictures loading
the what? clicking the pictures does nothing.
Support / Re: Having Error in VCMP.
« on October 27th, 01:56 PM »
Unfortunately the updater server is offline. What is the server version you want to play on?
Bugs and Crashes / Re: vcmp brakes single player
« on October 13th, 08:55 AM »
Follow the official bug report template.
If rand() % 300 equals a value like 199 you should know that the player skin will remain the default.
Skin Showroom / Re: The good ol' minecraft skin
« on October 6th, 11:36 AM »
Quote from Alecu Madalin on October 6th, 10:13 AM
Quote from Athanatos on October 6th, 09:20 AM
ofc we know what that words means because we're romanians.
the last romanians who plays that game multiplayer :'( :'(
this is depressing
Skin Showroom / Re: The good ol' minecraft skin
« on October 6th, 09:20 AM »
ofc we know what that words means because we're romanians.
Videos & Screenshots / [dRiFt] Re: Sebastian x Megamind
« on October 6th, 08:09 AM »
You just gave me an idea for an new racing server, BUT how can I find when a car is drifting?
Support / Re: FPS limited 25
« on October 4th, 01:20 PM »
Well thats weird...
General Discussion / [0.4rel006] VC:MP API Extended
« on October 4th, 01:17 PM »


An extension to the VC:MP's API that makes creating plugins hopefully easier by wrapping the original VC:MP API into a namespace with some classes, so the code will be hopefully easier to understand, read and write!

(Small note: the following code examples may not work, because they are not tested.)

How to setup

  • Clone or fork this repository..
  • Open the VS 2019 project
  • Well that's it, have fun.


  • Getters and setters are mostly named like this:
Code: (C++) [Select]
<field type> FieldName_g();
void FieldName_s(<field_type> param);
Atleast in my opinion, its good enough.
  •   Read only fields are often simple functions.
  •   Some fields use dynamic memory, so make sure to free the memory when needed. Example:
Code: (C++) [Select]
char* Name = VCMP::Player::FindPlayer(id)->Name_g();
VCMP::Server::Message(strcat(strcat("[#ff0000]Player ",Name)," joined our server!"));
delete Name;
  • Bug reports and feedback are highly appreciated!

Personal note

   I made this in hope to help persons that want to create their gamemode/plugins in C++ .  Writing this <plugin/extension/addition> took me less than a month as a total time, see the repositories.
   Any feedback, suggestions, they are all welcome since I didn't test this. (Before you say: omg you dont test your shit) I'm going to use this to remake my VC:MP server (RCNR).

   And if you say that the using the original SDK is a better idea, there are some proofs it isnt:
1.) Code is more organised than in the original SDK.
2.) This extension is made, as I said before to help persons that want to start making a server strictly in C++.
3.) This extensions also takes care of some of the possible errors can that happen runtime (if a player exists or not, etc).

Github Repository

Snippet Showroom / Re: Spree System
« on October 4th, 11:33 AM »
There is a improvised version:
Code: [Select]
Spree <- array(100,0);

function onPlayerJoin(player) { Spree[player.ID] = 0; }
function onPlayerDeath(player,reason) { Spree[player.ID] = 0; }
function onPlayerKill( . . . ) { Spree[player.ID] += 1; }

When acessing the spree use Spree[player.ID]. Pretty simple...

The difference is being less memory used because a class is not used.
Support / Re: FPS limited 25
« on October 4th, 11:21 AM »
Some servers disable/enable the frame limiter.
Support / Re: problems with the launcher
« on October 4th, 11:20 AM »
Welp, I also have the same problem, unfortunately we have to contact or wait the developers to fix this.
Support / Re: Unable to start Steam VC
« on October 4th, 11:19 AM »
Quote from Hendrix on October 3rd, 11:05 PM
Quote from Flagrant on September 15th, 01:19 AM
I have the location correct
if your problem was resolved marked as solved
He said location not problem. Read again.
Support / Re: VCMP Crashes with unexpected error 0xc0000005
« on October 3rd, 07:11 PM »
Worst case: It might be your RAM since 0xc0000005 is often thrown when a read-only, uinitialized, null memory adress/pointer (for example) is being used. But I guess it would work like that. Just saying.
Support / Re: VCMP Crashes with unexpected error 0xc0000005
« on October 3rd, 11:43 AM »
Have you tried ysc's launcher?