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How would you  expect to fix your error since you dont provide the source code?
Snippet Showroom / Re: Account System
« on May 15th, 04:59 PM »
use >= instead of < .
Support / Re: Vehicles as objects
« on May 13th, 07:08 PM »
From the game data perspective , objects (aka CObjects models) are made from 1 root (dummy model), 1 model mesh, and some more collision meshes inside the model mesh (see attachements)

But vehicle models are way more complicated:

So, the solution might be[1] :
1.) Opening the vehicle in ZModdeler/anything
2.) Remove the useless dummy helper and meshes
3.) If you are using ZModdeler use : Modify > Attach all the meshes you want to see in your model, until one mesh remains.
4.) Export again.
5.) XML stuff, insert stuff into the 7z archive

[1]  Never tried this, enjoy your collision bugs, complications, missing textures and missing car parts.
Use the Stream class.
Script and Content Requests / Re: hi back
« on May 9th, 06:24 PM »
When a player shoots an entity? The event is in the client-side scripts.
object.TrackingBumps = true
Bugs and Crashes / Re: Bug comes with boat's spawn
« on May 6th, 03:33 PM »
It also worked when teleporting vehicles from a larger distance. Normal VCs behiavour (happends in sp too, i teleported a vehicle in scm from the Police HQ in Washington to Downtown and it floated too).
Script and Content Requests / Re: hi back
« on May 6th, 02:06 PM »
Quote from =RK=MarineForce on May 6th, 01:04 PM
Function On Player Fire:


Function On Player Fire Stops:

can u gib me those functions?
Create the fire using a timer and create explosion, and you can do the rest.
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] Re: Insane player desync
« on May 6th, 02:00 PM »
I'll send you the entire class scripts and store files in your PMs.
Servers / [CN] Re: Zombie Parachute Survival DayZ: VCMP
« on May 4th, 02:12 PM »
I'm interested what algorithm you used for the zombies to move.
Servers / [CN] Re: Zombie Parachute Survival DayZ: VCMP
« on May 4th, 01:51 PM »
Indeed, ping in my case wasn't a major problem, but the non-english interface ruined the experience. Anyway great job!
Community Plugins / Re: Discord
« on May 3rd, 04:31 PM »
Guess what, I need the 32 bit version for a VPS my friend has :/
Quote from ChevyCaprice90 on May 3rd, 07:13 AM
But my PC runs with Windows XP Pro x64 SP2, SP2 for XP x64 is equals to SP3 for XP 32-bit.
NO! Simply no! x86(32 bit) and x64 (64bit) are just processor ahitectures!. Who told you that is a retard.
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] Insane player desync
« on May 1st, 02:19 PM »
After playing for about 1 hour on my zombie survival server with AlecuMadalin, he got invisible for some reason. His shadow is still visibile. Seems to be fixed by respawining or by rejoining.

What you were doing when the bug happened

What you think caused the bug
My revival system :
Code: [Select]
function Survivor::Revive(Saviour)
Saviour.player.Score += 1;
::Message(GREEN+Saviour.player+" revived "+this.player);
function Survivor::Update()
if(this.NeedToBeSaved == false)
if(this.player.Health < this.MaxHP)
this.player.Health += 1;
if(this.FastHealthRegen) this.player.Health += 4;
if(this.player.Health > this.MaxHP) this.player.Health = this.MaxHP;
if(this.player.Health <= 25) this.Down();
this.player.Health -= 1;
if(this.player.Health == 1)
this.player.Frozen = false;
::Message(RED+this.player+" was killed by zombies!");
this.player.Health += 6;
if(this.player.Health >= 100)
this.player.Health = this.MaxHP;
this.FastRevive = false;
if(LOADEDMAP != null)
if(::DistanceFromPoint(this.player.Pos.x,this.player.Pos.y,::LOADEDMAP.pos.x,::LOADEDMAP.pos.y) > ::LOADEDMAP.distance)
::Announce("~o~GET BACK TO THE FIGHTNING ZONE COMRADE!",this.player,0);
this.player.Health -= 5;
else if(ZOMBIE_IMMUNITY >0 )
this.player.Health = this.MaxHP;
if(this.NeedToBeSaved) this.Up();