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Servers / Re: Rob The Vehicle (IV)
Jun 19, 2021, 12:29 PM

Hello everyone, it's our pleasure to announce to you Rob The Vehicle IV: Championship!

It will be a team built championship without any specific rules to how a team should look like. Gather a group of friends and apply together to rob as much vehicles as possible!

This is how it works:
• The team consists of 8 players as a maximum number, with 1 captain you decide among your team and 7 more players.
• Before every set of matches, two bases will be announced to be played in every match.
• Third base will be selected during the match by a vote-ban system to make a total of 6 rounds.
• The matches will be in 5v5 format, substitutions will be allowed.
• The number of matches for every team will be decided once the deadline for applying is over.

The gamemode:
• As an attacker, your goal is to steal the vehicle and bring it to your checkpoint to be able to grab the win.
• And as a defender you have to defend the vehicle from being robbed under any circumstances to be victorious.

The applications are open now, so what are you waiting for?
Gather your gang and apply now! Applications close on 3rd July.

Want to give a helping hand to staff in organizing matches? Apply as a referee.

Further details available on the forums.
Click here to join our discord.
Servers / Rob The Vehicle (IV)
Apr 24, 2021, 06:44 AM

Rob The Vehicle (IV)
Releasing Sunday 25th April, 16 GMT

Greetings VCMP, the wait is over! After a long hiatus, Rob The Vehicle is finally coming back.

Rob The Vehicle is a team-based gamemode where one side applies their full force to steal and deliver the vehicle while the other defends it against their tactical attempts.

A while back, the server made its place in our hearts as one of the most popular servers VCMP has ever seen. After a chain of successful beta tests, OneVice is now reanimating the orange heaven.

( gameplay footage by Firecum / Karna )

We invite everyone to join us in the release event on this weekend.
Read more about the release here.

server files

Team OneVice
Quote from: HunTinG on Apr 19, 2021, 10:31 AMwell, you do as you consider, I have told you the 99% real reason (that i believe),if you want to ravage your servers, be my guest.. I don't explain twice to somebody

If you don't explain anything twice then I expect you to understand something that has been logically backed and explained in one turn, especially something you have zero to little knowledge about. You're not even sure at this point and have already gotten to a point of blaming VCMP and the entirety of server developers?

Take this example: RTV 4 was tested totally in public and the GUI was built over stages. People have tested and played the server both with and without the GUI. Then how come not even a single player complained about sync issues if it is so certain that GUI causes this?

If I were you I'd be grateful for these features instead of going around and berating them.
Quote from: HunTinG on Apr 18, 2021, 09:58 PM0:06 in the second video - as you can see the player got hit
0:35 too in the second video.
1:31 in the first video - the same thing happened in first video but this time his hp didnt drop.

Placebo, there was no difference at all.

Quote from: HunTinG on Apr 18, 2021, 09:58 PMwhen i was shooting grenades, for some reason they 90% of the time were NOT getting hit, not bouncing, acting like solid objects, usually taking like 5 shots to make it bounce off the ground and fly

Now this is interesting, how is GUI related to grenades bouncing or not bouncing?

Quote from: HunTinG on Apr 18, 2021, 09:58 PMso, like gangstaras said:
- quote -

maybe it should sound something like "Server needs as less use of GUI, only for selecting packs and voting bases" ...

Do you even understand how GUI works?

You namedropped a few servers with the assumptions that HD Sprites, frequent use of GUI or high GUI store size would cause sync issues. I wouldn't completely agree with you even if you said performance issues let alone sync.

Talking about the high dimension thing in specific, sprites are (mostly) relatively sized according to your resolution. And high store size will have what impact, what harm at worst do you think a few extra megabytes of size would cause?

The performance is identical with all the GUI loaded (1) and with no GUI loaded (2). 60 FPS @ 1280x720 windowed.

Besides the GUI store size is under 1MB in size. A lot of stuff was created completely using GUICanvas. I could throw a humungous chunk of those and you wouldn't feel a thing.

Yes, some servers for sure just "throw" stuff in GUI and it ravages the performance, but it always can be optimized and has to be.

I will agree to you with the EC scenario but that most certainly is not caused by UI sprites. KoTH, RTV, TDW or EA, they all feel the same to me even though I do not have a very good PC at present moment. Instead CTF feels a little different, it might be just because of the fact that I don't play a lot there.

Even if all the mentioned servers were to remove all the GUI, there would be no change sync wise.
Stop shoveling assumptions everywhere.
Although I don't think there was a need, but for the sake of it, we tested it.

Assuming that the GUI is client side and should cause an individual effect, a duel should perhaps be a fair comparison ground. (Obviously keeping any other factor constrained)

Spot the difference for yourself (if any):

(with GUI)

(without GUI)

I'm not even sure what issues are you even referring to, is there a way to reproduce that specific part?
Or a video to show what would be the ideal difference on a perfect day?
I don't understand how GUI can affect a server's stability.
Crippling client's FPS through manipulation of GUI elements (especially labels) for animations is a possibility but that ends right there.
I'm not sure if that false ban case is relevant to this forum. But since you mentioned the Gynla case I'd like to drop a few cents. I am convinced that no one is interested here about who is biased towards whom and skimming through a bunch of private messages.

First of all, if you think that was a bug, report it in the correct section along with a plausible way to reproduce it, the videos you showed are completely different to what apparently you were banned for.

And lets not compare a low latency player to a high latency player when you are talking in terms of sync and damage in two different scenarios.

You literally got hit in the video, you were pushed back by the shotgun and received no damage at all, while there was no knockback in Gynla's case that occurred at TDW (which is similar to the other videos that you showed). Whereas I'd consider the video on Gohan pretty normal on a perfect day in VCMP given that he has a 250+ ping.

That, my friend, is a pretty rare bug that happens sometimes where you shoot a player out of his FOV and bullets never appear on their screen. It took me an ugly amount of time to reproduce it back in the day.

Here is a link to that topic, another identical case is also listed there.

I'm not going to comment on who used a hack, what reputation one stands at and who did what in the past because I'll end up with a book equivalent in length to Sun Tzu's Art of War if I ever came to it. But it seems pretty clear to me that no civilized person would perform such a stunt that you did right here.

You won't achieve anything trying to "expose" someone here. And no, I don't think such a bug exists, if you get knocked back you'll receive damage unless you are immune through a hack or the script.

Also, DizzasTeR summed up the lag situation pretty nice already.

Well Said, Locked (Dizz)
This is happening because the map (in world) is bigger than your sprite.

Thanks to SpitFire for this information, The map starts from Vector2(-1550, -1950) and ends at Vector2(1550, 1950) i.e 3100 x 3900 in size compared to your 1024 x 1024 sprite.

Here's a visualization:

To fix this, you have 2 methods,

First would be to use a map that is 3100px x 3900px in dimension.

Second is, you scale down coordinates of the map to match your sprite's dimensions. If your sprite is 1024x1024, you'd require to divide player.Pos.x by 3100 / 1024 = 3.027 and player.Pos.y by 3900 / 1024 = 3.8085 (approx).

for instance, if the position of your player is Vector3(832.0377, -459.89297, 2014.9727) the position on map would be X 832.0377/3.027 and Y -459.89297/3.8085 i.e Vector2(274.8720, -120.75435)

I hope this helps, I'm not sure about anything but this should technically work as long as all the variables I took were correct.

* Do note that in both cases, the (0, 0) of your sprite should fall exactly on (-1550, -1950) of the map, otherwise it will not be accurate. In other words, you'll need an accurate representation of the map.
Off-Topic General / Re: TCP Gaming Forum
Feb 03, 2021, 05:35 AM

If you try to sit on a bike using the passenger key while crouched, you'll enter and sit in the same state. It might hold some resemblance to this bug.


Steps to reproduce
  • Crouch near the rear tire of bike facing the front.
  • Press the passenger key.

What you were doing when the bug happened
Playing EGAD, Xobert pointed it out as "the cool thing".

What you think caused the bug


P.S The second (sliding) thing may or may not be a bug, it might be caused due to the tire somehow getting stuck in the ground, possible through the sidewalk.

I couldn't reproduce it again, so I assume it's just a VC bug, however I've put it in the video, just incase.

Hey everyone,

I don't seem to be having a rationale to why I'm writing this, just in hopes that it might help a few people. Although a big chunk of this thread is from something I posted back in 2016 at some other community, I've tried to update it and make it relevant to VCMP.

This thread entails about basic overview of Latency, Bufferbloat & its impact and a few advices/methods that can be devised to resolve the discussed issues.

— Jibber-Jabber

I'll throw in a few definitions here to reference them in other parts. Most of you might know about them already but anyway,

(a) Bandwidth
It is the maximum rate of data transfer. It can be seen as the "width" of a pipe, the narrower the pipe, the less material can be transferred across it.

(b) Latency
It is "response speed" of your network, measured as the round trip from your game client to the server. It is measured as Ping. The higher the latency, the higher will be the delay between your client and the server or otherwise known as "Lag".

(c) Jitter
This is the measurement of how much your ping is spiking / fluctuating over an average period of time. This can be caused by an inconsistent network or high usage of bandwidth. Higher jitter results into stuttering of your packets, degrading both your and your opponent's gameplay.

— Factors affecting lag

It is a common misconception that only ping has an impact on an individual's lag, while it depends upon a number of other factors, such as jitter, bufferbloat, quality, speed, routing, yadda yadda. Let's discuss a few before we can mitigate them.

(a) Ping
This is obviously the primary factor but not the only. Higher ping means higher delay on all of your actions requiring you to lead your aim on your opponent and also harder for your opponent to hit you.

There are not a lot of ways you can reduce your base ping except changing/upgrading your connection.
(The best would moving closer to the host but it can only be assessed theoretically)

(b) Instability
This causes jitters, stuttering and UDP packets getting lost often. This might vary on strength and bandwidth of your connection.

You might be able to control your network and mildly optimize your connection but in the end its completely dependent upon the architecture of your ISP.

(c) Higher Usage
There might be unwanted processes running in the background consuming your internet such as updates. And there can be a lot of devices connected to your network leeching off bandwidth and making you lag.

(d) Routing
There is a fair chance of misconfiguration by your ISP or at the server which can lead to higher latency. However, these are often temporary.

Another case can occur where the host server is not well optimized in terms of code, there might be a lot of resource consumption due to, for instance, a large number of timers causing the server to not operate at optimum performance. Client side processes can also rupture connectivity.

(e) Speed
I would not rank it as an important factor, because most (urban) connections can meet the basic requirement. However, yes it is a factor, without adequate speed, you're only getting a minimal amount of throughput.

— Bufferbloat & Jitter

This is a factor I'd like to separately highlight in this thread.

What is bufferbloat? defines it as "the undesirable latency that comes from a router or other network equipment buffering too much data" i.e there are way too many packets sent and they get queued which leads to ping spikes, stuttering and packet loss.

This page right here gives a neat illustration of how data accumulates as buffer.

How do I know if I have this problem?
You can test on DSL Reports, here. Anything below B in Buffer Bloat and we are talking unhittability, which can nowhere be condoned.

Can this be fixed?
Yes, the easiest method to fix it is the rate limit method. However, you'd require a router which allows you to limit bandwidth for a specific device (or total bandwidth). Otherwise you might want to buy switches or other equipment which provide that interface.

Below is a result without capping my bandwidth:

After I limited bandwidth for my PC


A test in-game

20 checks over 40 seconds, Client Response calculated with a threshold of 30ms.[/spoiler]

Lower rate, lower bloat

A lower rate might result into a low bloat, but you need to maintain a balance at a point where your data is getting through at just fine speed while not getting buffering your network at the same time.

You also need to limit other devices on the network otherwise its not a significant change.

Some routers already come with QoS features, you can use them instead to let the router automatically manage bloat.

— Advices to reduce lag

As I said, lag does not depend on a single factor, and there is more than just bufferbloat or ping. So here are some advices that might result into a better gameplay experience.

(a) Wired Connection
If possible, always play on an ethernet connection, it is infinitely better than WiFi, especially 2.4 Ghz band. Mobile networks have a very high packet loss, devoid them from online gaming.

Moreover, there is less bloat, with minimum limit on rate.

(b) Disable Windows Update
Updates in background are outright annoying while gaming, your ping will spike like crazy. You can either disable updates entirely, (DO NOT DO THIS! This is incredibly stupid and a security risk! Updates are required to maintain system stability and security.) or set your network as metered in network settings (Windows 10).

* Game Mode in Windows 10 restricts background internet activity.

(c) Using a game booster
You can use a game booster such as Razer Cortex which not only optimizes your rig for maximum performance but also shuts down background processes which might be consuming internet.

If you don't want to install one, you can still manually close any background process. To find out what is consuming your internet you can use the Task Manager (Win 8+) or Resource Monitor in 7.

(d) Wireless Advices
If you still plan to choose WiFi, or can not use a wired connection, you can atleast improve your wireless connection.

Choosing the best channel
[spoiler]Your router automatically chooses a wifi channel for you to broadcast the signal on. However, it might not the best one.

To figure out which is the best one depending on other networks around you, you can use a WiFi tool such as WifiInfoView by NirSoft.

You have to select the least common channel in your area so it does not clash with any other.

Getting the best out of it
[spoiler]Make sure you have disabled power saving for your network cards in network settings.

For this, go to Network and Sharing Center > Adapter Settings > WiFi > Properties > Configure > Power Management and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device"

You might also reach there from device manager.

You also need to put your WiFi cards in full performance.

For this, go to Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Power Settings > Wireless Adapter Settings and set it to Max Performance


(e) DNS
Your ISP provides you with a DNS which is used to look up and resolve IP addresses. However you might change to public DNS by Google or Cloudflare which are faster.

(f) Flush the Network Profile
Sometimes you need to reset your network config.

Here's how
[spoiler]Open Command Prompt as admin.
Type in the following one by one.

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset

and restart your computer[/spoiler]

(g) Change ISP?
You might require to change your ISP if you are not getting the ping you expect to get even after doing everything you could.

You can head over to Global Ping Stats, and check for the ping from your closest source to server location. If your ping is not around the ping calculated there, its time to upgrade or change.


     - These advices are for Windows.
     - There is only so much you can damage in your router, however, be careful.
     - If I got anything wrong or something can be improved/added, feel free to contact or correct me.

I always thought that this is because of ping and their differences, turns out it also happens on localhost.

I recorded a video of the above, if it's any help to this case.
Obviously I'm not very fast but I still tried my best.

Videos were recorded on 30FPS, however, frame limiter does not seem to effect the outcome.
Nor does the code provided by Seby. (After 1:09 in the video, the snippet was in effect)

Can you test this with your DM skills, and record the same way ?

function onPlayerCrouchChange( player, IsCrouchingNow )
if( !IsCrouchingNow ) player.SetAnim( 0, 29 );


EDIT: lol Hunting, I like you are dedicated to what you've discovered but whatever you threw above is the surest way to ravage this topic.
Quote from: DizzasTeR on Dec 11, 2020, 09:08 AMNice work.

As a bonus provide a parameter or a way to retain the actual file extension as nut even once compiled. Some people (including myself) just like to keep the file extension same for my compiled files.

Added support for extensions, compiled files will have whatever extension you provide in extension.ini. (both client and server side)
What and why?

This is the result of accidentally locking myself in my room and ultimate boredom ):
This might not really be useful to a lot of people but helpful for anybody who compiles their scripts (at either server or client side) as compiled nut (cnut) files.

  • Compiles all files in one click, no configuration required.
  • Directory structure is retained.
  • Errors from all files are displayed after compiling.


[spoiler=Server Side Compiling][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Client Side Compiling][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Error Handling][/spoiler]


Virus Report.
GitHub Repository.