[Bug]OnPluginCommand passes call when 0 is returned.

Started by habi, Dec 20, 2023, 03:31 PM

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As in subject, the plugin callback passes the call to other plugins when 0 is returned. It also passes call when 1 is returned.
uint8_t OnPluginCommand(uint32_t commandIdentifier, const char* message);


What you were doing when the bug happened
I had two plugins. One will print the commandIdentifier and message of plugin commands. Other handle the commands. When 0 is returned by the second one( which handle commands), the other plugin (first one) printed my command. That plugin is not supposed to receive that command, since my return value was 0.

Same is the case if instead of 0, when 1 is returned.

What you think caused the bug
Maybe error inside server.