What the hell happened to VC:MP wiki?

Started by Kenneth Law, May 28, 2023, 02:28 AM

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Kenneth Law

ffs make the wiki back please!!
The official wiki which linked from VCMP website has been down for too long!
http://wiki.adtec.ovh/ This one also became inaccessible from last several days.
Now the only one I can visit is the one by master thijn
Please make the official one back online ok?


I don't know. Hope the wiki gets back up soon.


Seems like there is a hardware failure. :/ It will be back at some point.
Same happens to the littlewhitey's server.


I'm not sophisticated enough to write servers and still need a wiki. This time I just have a holiday to rest, want to update the server, but the wiki like a trick I can not open. :C