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« Reply #75, on January 21st, 2018, 01:34 PM »

TDCS has released a unique game-mode within itself. Gamemode is (drifting) / drift to join
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Credits:- PunkNoodle

Added Custom Object
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added GUI 3D LABELS Credits vitogta
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« Reply #78, on January 30th, 2018, 08:55 PM »
UPDATED TDCS SERVER:- Load 20 files now instead of 30 files + improved performance
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Anticheat or Antihacks
1. Aurora Detection and Disability
2. 2012 Trainer Detection and Disability
3. Ultimate Trainer Detection and Disability
4. Aimbot Detection and Disability
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Added 3 Game modes
1. Hunter Madness
2. Dogem Cars
3. Street Racing ( 3 maps )

Note: Boost has been disabled on all race worlds, in order to play fair :)
Credits: Athanatos
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Players can no longer attack on other worlds where necessary.
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15/7/2018 -> Update:-
Added approve system (to become a real citizen of TDCS)
Added /wepcmds (get weps at ammunations)
Fixed healing system
Added custom pickups
Website Updated
Added Webstats to website
Added Lights to vehicles
Added few higer prices to stuff

16/7/2018 -> Update:-
Added passport & visa system

Added mapping system
Added Spec system
Admin cmds updated
bugs fixed
Some minor lags still occur when mapping ("Will get it fixed soon")

Website Updated

Website stabled
Webstats added
TAC stabled
Mapping world lag issue fixed
Server lagging after 10 sec fix
added vehicle system in world
Removed bad codes, which made server lagged and heavy
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Bank system fixed
CMDS related to bank fixed
Money/Cash having issue with negative values fixed
Added Bike challenge

Server Loads upto 21 files

Added Discord Bot
IRC now functioning
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Added GTA-IV styled radar
Added TDCS forum logo to  server
Added 3D gui text
Added 3D LABEL to map where neccessary

Added Parkour2