Bring back ASI support!

Started by NC, Aug 04, 2015, 09:07 PM

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Widescreen,  silentpatch, VC gfx hack... in newest vcmp version...

LU also have Asi loader...

But SOme people think that VCmp can't Use asi hacks...
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Quote from: rwwpl on Aug 05, 2015, 08:28 AMBut SOme people think that VCmp can't Use asi hacks...

Because it wasn't intended to, nor was LU, though it was stuff like this and the client-side exploits that led the LU devs to develop it less because of the rampant hacking and abuse there. This is just circumventing protections that were in place. I'll bet people will just use this as another argument as to why we should just re-enable ASIs, because why bother anyway?


I've never said that there are only "good" asi mods. There are "good" and "bad", but blocking both just because of the "bad" ones is ridiculous.

QuoteThe notion that players in a multiplayer game should be able to load their own arbitrary code whenever they want is absurd, as the risk of doing so outweighs the benefits it may provide.
Then again, tell me what's wrong with mods here posted?

QuoteFor us to allow "whitelisting" ASIs would also be a technical challenge in and of itself. Lists would have to be updated any time a single ASI on the whitelist is updated. The list's source could be spoofed. If we allow servers to determine whether they want ASIs or not, a player could connect to a server which allows ASIs, disconnect, and try manually /connecting to a server that disallows them.
"Everything is possible if you really want it". Let's leave technical details for later, but I'm sure there is a way to handle this.

QuoteOr how the widely used, native widescreen ASI breaks FOV and made people more unhittable while remaining uneasily detectable:
The most popular widescreen mod is developed by ThirteenAG. He is still around, why do not ask him to work together on a solution for this problem? Oh no, wait, better to disable it...

QuoteOr how there is an entire thread on the GTAForums dedicated to finding memory addresses in VC that would be useful for any purpose, nefarious or otherwise, that also includes a publicly released IDB labeling assorted functions in the game code.
As said in the first post - write a letter to Cheat Engine developer.

QuoteBut please tell me more about how we're only hurting nonhackers. Or don't, because like I said before, I don't have the patience to hear how blocking ASIs is literally destroying VC:MP.
Yes, you are hurting. You see, cheat creators will still find new ways to enable their hacks in online multiplayers. But someone like me won't bother spending hours on creating mods à la trainer to have the F7 key back in VCMP for example.

As you see from rwwpl's screenie, people already found a way to enable back ASIs. Tell me more that this asi-block mechanism present in VCMP is working.
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i vote for asi support to bring it back!


QuoteTell me more that this asi-block mechanism present in VCMP is working.

It's a bit difficult to prove a negative. And the answer to people circumventing anti-cheat measures isn't to abandon it but to evolve them.

If you want a feature in VC:MP, request it. The F7 hotkey was already added to the development version (in 10 minutes, nonetheless). Widescreen fixes and draw distance modifications could be added in trivially as well.

The answer to this ASI nonsense is no. Regardless of how many good ASIs you may link, I have zero faith in the community as a whole to responsibly use something so powerful, especially considering how absolutely no one seems to remember the confusion caused by widescreen fixes, trainers and F1 in 0.3, and that's what it comes down to.

This is not up for debate. If you don't like it, make your own mod.