VCMP 0.3Z server

Started by Leart, Oct 17, 2014, 02:16 PM

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Can you give me a vcmp 0.3z server
with scripts + cmds and everything else ready on it
I'd be very happy if you can help me because i really wanna own a good server
BTW nice forum :) ;)


Check VC:MP 0.3 board from this link:

By the way, I suggest you to use VC:MP 0.4 instead, because it is much more stable, synced and featured.
You can do many more things in 0.4 than in 0.3. :)


People understand That 0.3 is no more.
Developers should turn off the master lists 0.3 to wreĊ›cie people understood this.
Just do servers 0.4 and not 0.3.


vcmp 0.3 isn't anymore supported, just convert your script to 0.4, isn't hard if you have any problem during the convertion just ask to us :)

Credits to Bart.