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[VG] - Vice Gangsters.
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  • Clan tags: [VG] VG.
    IRC Channel: #Gangsters.Official on LUNet
    Leader/s: Ultimatejugo. [VG]SpectraPhantom
    Co-Leader/s: DroidGeek, aWaIX.
    Members: Slayer, feliks , i forget other names :P.
    Forum: gangster.forumur.net

    Our Story
    We rose up as a gang in 2015. Now we became a clan in 2016. We were founded in july sometin 21 sometin 2015... sometin.

Additional Bio:

Founded on November 12, 2015
Gang Tag - [VG] ([VG]PlayerX)

1, Do NOT kill other members.
2, You must always help Gang members

A gang is there for teamwork, and to achieve the best with friends, this does not work if you fuck eachother up.
By breaking the rules you will be warned, after 2 warnings you will be kicked out of the gang.




Member Count: 5

[VG] Signatures now available to have ur own vg signature paste this in ur signature menu on forum profile settings [ img]http://imgur.com/9Xfd1tV.jpg[ /img] without the spaces
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You can contact me using Discord, at Developers.CPP( check off-board to find the invite link )
Github: https://github.com/theKAKAN