Rob The Vehicle (IV)

Started by Spiller, Apr 24, 2021, 06:44 AM

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Rob The Vehicle (IV)
Releasing Sunday 25th April, 16 GMT

Greetings VCMP, the wait is over! After a long hiatus, Rob The Vehicle is finally coming back.

Rob The Vehicle is a team-based gamemode where one side applies their full force to steal and deliver the vehicle while the other defends it against their tactical attempts.

A while back, the server made its place in our hearts as one of the most popular servers VCMP has ever seen. After a chain of successful beta tests, OneVice is now reanimating the orange heaven.

( gameplay footage by Firecum / Karna )

We invite everyone to join us in the release event on this weekend.
Read more about the release here.

server files

Team OneVice


Hello everyone, it's our pleasure to announce to you Rob The Vehicle IV: Championship!

It will be a team built championship without any specific rules to how a team should look like. Gather a group of friends and apply together to rob as much vehicles as possible!

This is how it works:
• The team consists of 8 players as a maximum number, with 1 captain you decide among your team and 7 more players.
• Before every set of matches, two bases will be announced to be played in every match.
• Third base will be selected during the match by a vote-ban system to make a total of 6 rounds.
• The matches will be in 5v5 format, substitutions will be allowed.
• The number of matches for every team will be decided once the deadline for applying is over.

The gamemode:
• As an attacker, your goal is to steal the vehicle and bring it to your checkpoint to be able to grab the win.
• And as a defender you have to defend the vehicle from being robbed under any circumstances to be victorious.

The applications are open now, so what are you waiting for?
Gather your gang and apply now! Applications close on 3rd July.

Want to give a helping hand to staff in organizing matches? Apply as a referee.

Further details available on the forums.
Click here to join our discord.