Extreme Addicts Beta v2.0 opening this weekend (Saturday 24th December)

Started by Castagna, Dec 22, 2016, 07:07 PM

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As a christmas present that has been developed from all over 2016 to the latest months, we are launching the first beta version script of Extreme Addicts!

Not as much as we expected honestly, sooner or later, with my coding partner Kirollos, we managed to accomplish a project which of course it's not done nor finished yet, this is just the beginning.

We will be opening this weekend, scratching christmas eve, we hope to see you triggering m4 and stubbys around the battle or having fun challenging your friends in a 1 v 1! The server is going to be unlocked this Saturday 24th December at 10:00 (GTM 0) to the public.

Extreme Addicts v2.0 it is a new script that has been made from the scratch, brining the same old TDM concept we had been holding in our legacy, mixed up with certain RPG elements, and everything else that VC:MP 0.4 offers to server owners to push creativity to its boundaries, in order to combine: fun, newbie/veteran players integration, clan and crews teamwork, and addiction.

From the ability to build a group of friends, clan-mates or allies that are called Crews that are in a constant fight to dominate territories at Vice City, to the chance of challenge someone in a 1 vs 1 or joining the battle arena in case you want to try a classic. Want to have some quiet time? Take a walk around the mall if you're looking for unsual stuff, custom skins, illegal weapons, or fast food shops to regain your health bar. Owning your first vehicle or purchasing expensive houses around Starfish Island, you choose how to spend the money you managed to earn at Extreme Addicts!

I would like to hightlight that this is a beta script version from EA v2.0, and many of the heavy features that were planned are not included yet. Besides the server has been tested by developers and staff members, bugs and other unknown failures are expected, so we kindly ask everyone who is willing to help us with reports and notifications to us. Regarding the heavy features, once this beta stage is completed, we are going to implement the rest of the ideas to reach a full version status.

Massive kudos to my fellows staff members who had shown me a huge mean of loyality and support with private testing sessions and other kind of collaborations. Thanks PunkNoodle, Aaron, Hipnos, SaHiL, Tarkan, Kelvin, Knuckles, Milko!

Hope you addicts enjoy the server back again, looking forward to see the old regulars and community members roaming the EA streets!

Visit our website at www.extreme-addicts.com

Thanks and see you soon  8)


Forum fully available for public posting. Admin applications have been re-opened again.


I always saw EA's server locked in masterlist and wondered if it will ever come back but finally its here. One more server worth to spend time at.


I've had never played in EA( I didn't get a chance ). But I've heard about it a lot. Good to know its back. I gotta give it a try.
Good luck developers!
oh no




Quote from: Casper on Dec 25, 2016, 09:48 AMhow to login?? /login command not working

It's a built-in GUI window which shows up and asks for a password.
If you didn't see it, exit the game and rejoin. Maybe GUI didn't load for you.

PS: Good luck with the server ! I hope it will worth the effort.



As the server is brought back, we decided to organize the third sequel of End of Year event. EYE is all about good old bashing 1 on 1 on our server. The players who decide to play will have to apply which can be done in this topic here. Maximum number of participants which can take part in this event is 32, if it is noticed that there are players which want to play but there is no place we might consider including more extra spots. The event will be done according to the knock-out elimination system which means if you lose you're out. Players have time to apply till 14th January 15:00 GMT +1.  If there are any questions regarding the event, you can ask here.

Information about our server:

Server Name: Extreme-Addicts Server | VC-MP 0.4 [extreme-addicts.com]
IP Address:
Slots: 100


Channel: #extreme-addicts.echo ;  #extreme-addicts.cafe

Regards, EA Staff Team