Force client to take a screenshot

Started by krystianoo, Jun 18, 2017, 11:30 AM

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Quote from: PunkNoodle on Jun 18, 2017, 09:38 PMevery modded model or texture would be kept at bay.

It's an almost 15 years old game; it's graphics are that old too.
Some players (including me) have edited vehicles/player models/buildings/blabla to make the game look better, to keep it up with the new generations.
I can't imagine it without visual mods anymore.

Take MTA:SA as an example: besides scripting features they add graphic enchancements, because the game it's old.
Players can choose if they want those enabled or not.


The main idea is theorically right. I belive there are more priorities in terms of hacks/mods apart from the 'greenless' modification to care about... Honestly making such implementations are not worth enough to stop players using this mod.

And to be frank, removing the palms and whatever other textures too, just to gain some more visibility is completely stupid and retarded. Runining the game enviroment is just a price that DMer apes are up to pay... Sure, let them enjoy an ugly Vice City ::)


I see no reason for people to disagree with this suggestion. In what way does it harm you? How could it affect server performance? Stability? In no way, I assume.

Quotea price that DMer apes are up to pay. Sure, let them enjoy an ugly Vice City ::)

DMer apes who make up 99% of VCMP's playercount. I don't see how that helps when we let normal players suffer and let 'DMer apes' enjoy an ugly Vice City.. who lose nothing by doing so.

People who are not active in DM "competitive" (if you can call it that way) scene at all will most likely not understand the reasons for the suggestion.

We want a fair game, not a competition based on who has better mods or not. And this suggestion won't harm anyone.

And if you honestly think that servers will actually abuse this function then jeez.. go see a shrink. If any server would then it would instantly enjoy a 0/100 playercount and players would go to the rival server.

Will this get 'bypassed'? For greenless? I doubt. Because the thing responsible for it is generic.txd which I don't think can be magically replaced while being ingame. But perhaps I'm wrong.

Wallhacks? Sure, it can be bypassable. But until it's bypassable I believe that the developers will work out a more permanent resolution. And if not, then a longer-lasting one.

This is easy to implement and won't harm anyone.


Quote from: sseebbyy on Jun 18, 2017, 11:45 PMTake MTA:SA as an example: besides scripting features they add graphic enchancements, because the game it's old.
Players can choose if they want those enabled or not.

Speaking of MTA SA, It has functions that give you what modifications a client has in his gta3.img. All the graphics and visual mods are visible via the admin panel. These visuals can be disabled by the server as well to use default. Moreover things which DO NOT give any visual enhancements but unfair advantages are automatically replaced with default files data. This is a perfect example of how things should work.


Well modifying graphical stuff hear is not a problem. If it were, developers would of created a uac check for the server owners to be able to turn on and off when clients enter a server.

@Stormeus could you do it? Just curious as sometimes when players modify the games graphics it gets to the point there FPS drops. Even if they had good upload and download speed. It typically drops causing clients to lag due to players not syncing to the server that well. Causing unfair advantages that many people don't realize..

As for the screen shot I like the Idea, But I would prefer to force record players like the story mode replay button, But being able to play those videos as AVI.


Quote from: krystianoo on Jun 18, 2017, 11:43 AM
Quote from: vito1 on Jun 18, 2017, 11:41 AMIt was already been suggested.

Where, and why was it not implemented?
Because it could be faked.