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Started by Aeoris, Aug 26, 2017, 05:24 PM

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Hello VC-MP users!

Today I am here to present the services offered by the LUKB team.

LU Knowledge Base is the first project intended bring modernity providing links and services to the Liberty Unleashed community.


GTA3.CLUB Is a place where you can create your unique profile to start getting to know other GTA III lovers.
You can create your own group, page, albums, event and more.
We also have an amazing forum to discuss anything about GTA III!

We also plan to expand us and offer the same services for GTA VC and others.

LUKB & GTA III CLUB Founder & Main Developer


        Feeling cool to visit this.Good Job LU Developers!
Strength does not come from wining.Your struggles develop your strengths.


LUKB & GTA III CLUB Founder & Main Developer