EYE Tournament IV

Started by Castagna, Dec 01, 2017, 06:57 PM

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A new sequel of EYE Tournament, the most classic DMing event that any server has ever hosted, is now here. Extreme Addicts staff & owners introduce the 4th season of EYE Tournament 2017!

For those who are newcomers, as a tradition from EA server since the early times in VC:MP, we launch basic but adapted 1 v 1 duel format within the most known and deadly DMers in the community, in a square arena, organized by different stages and groups. Here there is a timeline from the very first champion to the actual:

  • Fighters Registration:  You can find the requirements and fighters thread to be considered as participant, and here you can submit a brief application to join EYE 4. The initial draw will contain 32 players that we may increase or not depending on the event's success. Applicants who have been caught as suspect/hacking/related in previous events will be denied.
  • Staff Applications:  You can submit a staff application here. EYE 4 staff members are composed of referees, admins, and head managers. Where applicants would be only accepted as referees or admin, depending on the event's needs.
  • Rules:  General rules topic can be found here. This thread contains allowed weapons, allowed fighting styles, number of rounds and score criteria, fairplay and punishments items.
  • The Prize:  The champion and 2nd finalist will be having a very important prize that won't yet reveal. We only ensure that you will enjoy the Prize not only in Extreme Addicts but also in other servers!
  • Event Launching and Registration Deadline:  You can start applying today for both staff and fighters spot as the event is officially announced. Fighters will have a period of 7 days (a week) to apply since now. This doesn't mean that we can't make exceptions and replacements after that date.

Of course EYE IV is going to be hosted in Extreme-Addicts Server as previously, so we invite you to participate on this new season that we expect to be awesome and fun as usual! Please visit Extreme-Addicts forum for more elaborated information and details.