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Object Conversion


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Object Conversion
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Hello, dear VCMP community. I'm not really experienced with the conversion of SA to VC so could anyone please convert the casino tables & chips to Vice City? This would be really appreciated. Someone attempted to convert these but it failed somehow.
Re: Object Conversion
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Quote from vitogta on January 9th, 2018, 04:09 PM
Dff and txd is not needed "conversion", only collisions one. Most hard thing you need it's finding names of model and texture those objects using some map editor. Please note stealing intellectual property from video games (dff/txd content for example) is not legal in civilized countries, however its allowed in vc-mp masterlist. for collisions
I have some doubts that I'll be busy and I can't waste time on searching the txd/dff. I agree that stealing content from other video games is illegal so their has to be another way I'd get those casino tables and the chips.

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