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Re: Make VCMP Great Again
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Looks like VCMP is just LW and VK to most people :/ .It's not worth it.


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Re: Make VCMP Great Again
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Sure, If Add UTF-8 Unicode format support for VC-MP after F2 Unicode supported was abandoned by Thijn. He oversight that is Mods or hacked on VCMP system.

Well. I start to place GTA Vice City Singleplayer feature game mode code but in March 2018 i telling the niCe to update the game mode from 0.3 to 0.4 but R3KT was take suggest me to post on suggestion section, That is GTA San Andreas Section I was lazy to post VC-MP on SA-MP section and hard the code for planning GTA Vice City Singleplayer feature to VC-MP's system.
Re: Make VCMP Great Again
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This policy was canceled because there is no good group. VK.Angel.OfDeath Violation of the rules of the policy is to advertise their own VC-MP server, thus causing people to post discussions on how to improve the VC-MP without discussing our policies.