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php signature
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sup everyone how can we create a signature like thijns code
i have tried this but gives me errors when i solve thos errors then the image displays but with no text or kills etc..

Code: [Select]
$username "root";
$password "root1";
$db "vcmpdb";

// Create connection
$conn = new mysqli($servername$username$password$db);
// Check connection
if ($conn->connect_error) {
"Connection failed: " $conn->connect_error);
//echo "connection successfull";

//$acc = "SELECT Name, IP, Level, Kills, Deaths, Cash, Bank, Joins, nogoto, WonLms, RandSpawn FROM Account";

if ( isset( $_REQUEST['nick'] ) )
$im  imagecreatefrompng("Signature_Background.png") or die("Cannot Create new GD image");
$stats  imagecolorallocate($im255208240);
$nick  imagecolorallocate($im25543178);
$font imageloadfont"Font.gdf" );
$sql  'SELECT * FROM Account WHERE Name = \''.addslashes$_REQUEST['nick'] ).'\'';

header('Content-Type: image/png');

foreach ($db->query($sql) as $row)
imagestring($im$font10037$_REQUEST['nick'], $nick) or die("Cannot place Text");
imagestring($im$font38010$row['Kills'], $stats) or die("Cannot place Text");
imagestring($im$font38035$row['Deaths'], $stats) or die("Cannot place Text");
imagestring($im$font38060, ( ( ( $row$row['Kills'] ] > ) && ( $row$Fields['Deaths'] ] > ) ) ? round($row$Fields['Kills'] ] / $row$Fields['Deaths'] ],2) : ), $stats ) or die("Cannot place Text");

if someone wants to check the url so try here which is the output  @EK.IceFlake   @Doom_Kill3R and heres the input query
Re: php signature
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*bump* or atleast someone fix me up that php code